Nov 16 & 17 – Yoga: Transformation of Fire

At The Yoga Lounge in Woodstock, IL

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Friday, Nov 16th, 6 – 9 pm The Fire Of Life: Healing From Trauma – Restorative Workshop. You don’t need to be the Buddha to realize all life has a sorrowful component. No one is free from feeling this aspect of their humanity. Yoga is one of the best choices to adapt and cope with the facts of existence and the shocks we have all been heir to. Restorative poses that relax the nervous system and poses that keep the heart open to devotion and compassion will highlight this class.

Saturday, Nov 17th, 11 – 2 pm – The Fire Of Aspiration: Awakening The Kundalini – Therapeutic Wall Ropes Workshop. The therapeutic use of wall ropes can help speed healing and prevent recurrence of injury. Wall ropes unbind the knots of tension in the pelvis, hips, and low back releasing the tension that prevents the free flowing of the energy of consciousness. In this state breath flows freely charging the body with vitality, clarity, and tranquility.

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