SAT Jan 26 – SUN Jan 27: Kriya Yoga

Weekend Workshop
Conscious Aging


SAT Jan 26 at 1 -4 pm
SUN Jan 27 at 1 – 4 pm
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An unprecedented wave of conscious aging is upon us in a mass scale. What is needed is a mature perspective to provide a spiritual vision to guide us into the new millennium. Yoga offers such guidance. Both time tested and ever fresh, Yoga states facts and give techniques on how to experience those facts. Because it draws upon tradition, it connects us to the collective wisdom of our past. And because it is kept alive by contemporary practitioners in each generation, it remains ever new and equal to every tussle on the material plane. Learn how to modify poses to maintain a lifetime commitment to yoga. The workshop will begin with one of Gabriel’s dharma raps comparing yoga philosophy’s stages of life with Eric Erikson’s Life Cycle and its stages of development.

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