Jan 29 & Feb 5: Total Body Yoga

The Art of Relaxation and the Power of Breath
Jan 29 & Feb 5
12:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Price: $50.00

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with Gabriel

There are many active yoga postures that take one to the frontier of human possibility. There are also a dizzying array of restorative postures that do the same but in a passive way. Deep relaxation is a pre-requisite for control of the life force through the breath, after which subtlety of respiration can now begin. This two-part series will teach sequences that both energize and tranquilize the body anatomy and the nerves. Mudras, bandhas, and digital control will be explained, demonstrated, instructed and corrected. Each session will be preceded with a lively talk complete with graphics on Karma, Dharma and how wounds can be gifts to transform pain into beauty.

Gabriel is an internationally known teacher with a reputation as one of the most influential teachers in America.

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