Creation Spirituality

Wednesdays, 11 am – 1 pm CST

Overcome spiritual sloth with a lively exploration into Creation Spirituality with Gabriel. This four-part series of Zoom classes is based on the teachings of Matthew Fox and his book, Original Blessing.

Feb 24 – Via Transformativa – Befriending Compassion – Poses designed to bring connectedness/Raja Yoga

Suggested offering is $20 for each class by Zelle to Gabriel Halpern, 773-550-7906. If you are interested in participating, but experiencing financial hardship, please reach out to Gabriel.


YOGA LOUNGE Online via Zoom

Respiratory Therapy : Infusing Life With Vigor

FRI March 5 @ 6 – 8 pm GMT


Strengthening Your Immune System

SAT March 6 @ 1 – 3 pm GMT


Dharma Raps & Yoga Maps

3 Zoom Classes

March 16 @ 7 – 8:30pm CST
April 20 @ 7 – 8:30pm CST

Guided by veteran Iyengar teacher Gabriel Halpern we will explore asana, mudra & meditations paired with sacred text studies from the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads & Yoga Sutras. Learn pranayama practices to balance mental health. Practice marma points of Yoga Nidra to deepen relaxation and heighten visualization skills.


Yoga and the Archetypal Self Series

Tuesdays @ Noon – 1 pm PST

What Is A Dharma Talk? A dharma talk is a philosophical exposition by a veteran Yoga teacher explaining how wisdom helps one face life. After 50 years of continuous study and practice, Gabriel articulates the theory behind why practice is essential to the direct experience of clarity and peace of mind.

Mar 23 – The Yogi as Healer
Mar 30 – Yoga and Social Integration


Fierce Grace: The Spiritual Life Of The Householder

One Sunday a Month, 1 – 2:45 pm CST, with open discussion after.

Embracing the mundane is the key to unlocking the door to immediate spiritual practice.

Join Gabriel in this four part series that will explore the ways of translating the ancient wisdom teachings into contemporary wrappings appropriate for modern spirituality. Using the archetypal models of the Yogi as Sage, Devotee, Servant and Mystic, we will take a closer look at how we can today, deepen our spiritual life in the here and now.

Each session will begin with one of Gabriel’s patented dharma talks followed by an asana class highlighting how to clear the mind, open the heart, gear up for action, and find the vastness of the transcendental human potential.

March 7 – Yogi as Servant
April 11 – Yogi as Mystic
May 2 – Yogi as Sage

$45 for individual session
$150 full course