Archetypes, Yoga and The Great Self Within

Live via Zoom or by Recording

WEDs Nov 3, Nov 17, Dec 1 & Dec 15

11 am – 1 pm

Archetypes are portraits of instincts, structural elements in Jungian philosophy of the collective unconscious that communicate to the conscious mind via images. These four deep structures of the objective psyche are transpersonal and encompass a quadrated order common to all in the form of King/Queen, Magician/Medial Woman, Male/Female Warriors and Male/Female Lovers.

This class will explore these four paths or portals and how they map beautifully onto the four main yogas: Raja, Jnana, Karma and Bhakti.

Gabriel will discuss the evolved aspects of these qualities as well as their shadow counterparts. You will learn which environments give the greatest access to these potentials in their mature form and how to diagnose one’s strengths and weaknesses in each area in order to foster the development of the Great Self.

Each session will teach asanas that promote contemplative focus, mental clarity, skillful action and heart opening.

Erich Neumann, an early student of Jung’s, describes in The Origins and History of Consciousness, “archetypal structural elements of the psyche are psychic organs upon whose functioning the well-being of the individual depends, and whose injury has disastrous consequences.”

If scheduling is a challenge, we are now making the recordings available with registration. Suggested offering is $20 per session or $80 for the series. Should you be experiencing financial hardship but would like to participate, please reach out and we will find a comfortable solution.



Pranayama with Gabriel (Live-Streaming)

SAT Nov 13 @ 11 am – 12:30 pm CST
Many people are accustomed to living with tension rather than with peace and vitality. Yoga teaches that pranayama infuses one’s life with vigor and calm by regulating the inhalation and exhalation and transitions the between breaths.

The class will begin with a series of restorative postures which are a pre-requisite for regulating the breath to make it slow and subtle.

Mantra, Mudra And Meditation Turning The Mind Inwards (Live-Streaming)

SAT Nov 13 @ 1 – 2:30 pm CST

This workshop will practice chanting the mantras and mudras of each of the seven chakras. Meditation through visualizations and mindfulness will be also discussed and experienced.

The take away from this workshop will be having leaned simple and effective ways to calm yourself down with a focused clarity to what is going on. This is a wonderful empowerment tool for facing whatever life brings.

Cost: One Session $35 – Both $60


Yogic Festivals and The Holiday Spirit

SAT Dec 11 @ 2 – 5 pm

Holidays brings stress- no doubt! But they are also opportunities to connect and celebrate. Yogic festivals are held thought the year and they are similar to our cultural celebrations such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Through music and ritual practice, we can focus our energies on being with loved ones and bringing our joy to the forefront. Through simple group participation, we enact and create the environment that fosters good-will-to-all. Following Gabriel’s dharma talk and power point presentation, an asana class designed to relieve tension and keep your nervous system calm, cool, and collected will be taught.

$59 by Friday, December 3, 2021;
$65 thereafter
4.5% transaction fee for all credit card payments