Yoga Unleashed

WED March 15 @ 11 am – 1 pm

Yoga awakens the dormant power within called the kundalini. In yoga, the kundalini is symbolized by a sleeping snake, coiled at the base of the spine. We can unleash this dormant potential by practicing a variety of poses that stabilize, clarify, tranquillize, and vitalize. Gabriel will begin this class with a dharma discourse/PowerPoint presentation to illuminate yoga philosophy in its classical form as well as its contemporary embodiments. This session will explain, demonstrate, instruct, and correct standing poses, backbends, twists, and inversions. While dabbling only prolongs the time it takes for yoga to work its magic, serious practice unleashes this transformation.

Yoga Delivers

WED March 29 @ 11 am – 1 pm

Yoga discipline helps to open and stabilize the body, to calm and focus the mind, to soothe and relax the nerves, and to clarify and liberate one’s spiritual being. In each yoga class, the practitioner takes the hero’s journey whereby they separate themselves from a too-narrow horizon, endure tests and trials, and then re-incorporate with their society, returning with the boon from their adventure into consciousness. The Yoga Sutras describe four types of students, from dull to extremely enthusiastic. Gabriel intends to light the fire of aspiration in each seeker who is ready to ignite the practice and explore the hard-won benefits yoga can deliver.

Props, such as blocks, blankets, straps, a wall space, a chair, and a bolster are useful but not required.

Suggested offering is $20 per class.


In-Studio at The Yoga Lounge – Woodstock, IL

Restorative Practice

FRI April 7 @ 6 – 9 pm – $50

Restorative Practice with Master Yoga Instructor Gabriel Halpern. This evening’s asana class is appropriate for both students and teachers and will focus on body sighting, hands-on corrections, followed by a restorative practice.


Active Asana Practice

SAT April 8 @ 11 – 2 pm – $50

Active Asana Practice with Master Yoga Instructor Gabriel Halpern. This class will sharpen the edge of your practice and turn up the bunsen burner. Level 2. Pre-registration required. $50 in advance.


Annual Yoga Vacation

Feb 24 – March 2, 2024

Villas Shanti
Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Join us at Villas Shanti, a secluded resort south of Cancun – our 26th annual vacation promises to heal and transform. 🦋