12-Part Dharma Talk Series: Re-Visioning Yoga

May 19 – Oct 20

Alternating Thursdays

A dharma talk is a philosophical exposition by a seasoned spiritual teacher who shares wisdom to help one face life. After 50 years of continuous study and practice, Gabriel articulates the theory behind why practice is essential to the direct experience of clarity and peace of mind.

Cost: $25 Single Session – $240 Entire 12-Part Series


Dancing The Four Quarters, Yoga And The Quadrated Order With Gabriel

WEDs @ 11 am – 1 pm CT

July 6 – Raja Yoga, the royal path of meditative absorption and visionary insight

July 20 – Jnana Yoga, investigation, intellectual states and the clarity produced

August 3 – Karma Yoga, inspired and skillful action with trust and compassion

August 17 – Bhakti Yoga, the opening of the heart to celebrate life’s sanctity

Join Gabriel as he connects the classical paths of Raja, Jnana, Karma, and Bhakti Yoga to the teachings of Carl Jung’s Archetypes, Meister Eckhart’s Creation-Oriented Spirituality, and John Bradshaw’s model for healing the Inner Child.

Each session will begin with a Dharma talk/power point presentation followed by an engaging asana class that will help clarify the meditative process, sharpen the intellect, realign the body, and teach skill in action.

Participate live via Zoom or by recording. Join us for the series or for a stand-alone class.

Gabriel is known for his precise instructions, keen eye, clear demonstrations, and skillful adjustments. This is an outstanding opportunity to study with a truly inspiring, fun, and accomplished teacher and receive direct feedback on your personal practice and poses.

Explore the noble art of yoga, its profound philosophy, and practical application as you get enthused with joy.

Suggested donation is $20 for each class or $80 for the series.


Iyengar 101

SAT July 9

Nurture Yoga – Richmond, IL

Alignment as Enlightenment

July 9 @ 11 am – 2 pm
Alignment is a kind of enlightenment and today you’ll find out why. Proper alignment and the body mechanics that accompany it insure correct, safe, and elegant movement. By definition, yoga postures feel good and reflect an art form of symmetry and freedom. By flexing, extending, rotating, and inverting the spine we create a balanced practice through hip and groin openers, standing poses and passive inversions.

Pranayama and Props

July 9 @ 3 – 6 pm
Breath control is the 4th limb or anga of yogic discipline. The use of simple props like a belt, a blanket, a chair, and a block provide an endless variety of support for both supine and seated pranayama. A series of restorative poses calm the nervous system prior to breath work, preparing you to perceive with clarity and depth. Come learn how simple it is to energize and tranquilize yourself.

Cost: $35 for one session or $65 for both


Yoga In-Depth Training & Certification

September 15, 2022 – August 19, 2023

“The dharma of a yoga teacher is one of the greatest services that can be given to the world.” ~ Gabriel Halpern Lead Teacher of our 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training coming up.

Gabriel Halpern (AKA “The Godfather” of Yoga) brings decades of experience and knowledge as he navigates the path with 5 other amazing teachers to becoming the Ultimate Mind Body & Spirit Healer the planet so desperately needs right now.

🦋 If you thought your transformation in YTT 200 was profound, then buckle up and hold on tight because for YTT 300 we’ve put together an elite panel of heart centered teachers to enhance your yoga skills in everything from Asanas, Pranayamas, Meditations, Adjustments, Anatomy, Chakras, Ayurveda, dive deep into Therapeutic Yoga and some advanced business and marketing direction.

🦋 With the bizaar, strange and sometimes crazy couple years we’ve all had, it’s brought to light that the world is in desperate need of healers, leaders and bringers of Light & Love. For ourselves and the sake of our brothers and sisters on the planet that we are meant to impact, there’s no more excuses to stay in the shadows and hide the gifts YOU were meant to share.

🦋 The heart of the planet is bleeding, the Soul of (wo)man kind is wailing and the Spirit that connects us all is yearning for you to step up and play your part! THIS 300 HR Yoga Teacher Training will prepare you to enter the world as the Ultimate Mind-Body-Spirit Healer you are being called to BE!

Register now and you can join our YTT300 class of 2022-2023, “lock” the Early Bird price, 🔥SAVE $500🔥 PLUS do monthly payments as low as $131! 🔥