The Hero Journey – Yoga and Ritual Initiation

3 WEDs July 14 – August 11

11 am – 1 pm

What is the hero journey and how does it relate to daily life?

This adventure is the one composite voyage, symbolic of the destiny of everyone. From the yogic perspective, this represents the spiritual journey to enlightenment. Although enlightenment can’t be communicated, the Way to enlightenment can.

Everyone is on this journey whether they recognize it or not. Translating the ancient rites of passage, often associated with coming of age, initiates you to your own life in order to find ways to avoid/endure every burden.

Gabriel’s dharma talks connect tales and stories from around the world in a clear pattern that parallels our own lives. Practitioners will discover how the mythological and psychological are both personal and universal.

July 14 – Week 1: Separation
July 28 – Week 2: Tests and Trials
August 11 – Week 3: Re-Incorporation

Asanas will be selected and shared to reflect these teachings.

Workshops will be held on Wednesdays from 11 am – 1 pm. Suggested offering is $20 per session or $60 for the series. If scheduling is a challenge, we are now making the recordings available with registration. Should you be experiencing financial hardship but would like to participate, just reach out to Gabriel or Laura and we will find a workable solution.

These workshops are based on the teachings of Joseph Campbell and the PBS series “The Power of Myth” with Bill Moyers. You Tube has some great videos on this series. Here’s one I found just to give a taste of the topic: Joseph Campbell and the Mythology of Star Wars.



MON August 23 @ 6:15 pm $25


(However we will be livestreaming at Nurture and welcome you to livestream with us)!

We are looking foward to Gabriel returning to in person sessions this fall.

Contemporary yogis use props. The possibilities and variations of prop usage are limitless. Asanas can be done with greater safely and better alignment. Execution of poses that were previously out of reach now become accessible.Props teach so many fundamentals necessary for further advancement in yoga, and contrary to popular belief, props do not make poses easier! Today’s session will highlight the versatility of a block, a belt, and a chair.


Yoga Swadhyaya and Sacred Texts III

Held in-person at our studio in Lisle and Live via Zoom

THURs Sept 2 – 16

12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Join Gabriel in this continuing study of the sacred texts of yoga. All are welcome – whether new to this type of study or those who have attended Gabriel’s previous workshops.

The third niyama is swadhyaya, often defined as self-study. It’s certainly through asana, pranayama, and meditation that one studies oneself in relation to these disciplined practices, but an equally powerful method of developing insight into oneself is through the reading, pondering, and discussing the books of the sages and rishis (the wise and enlightened ones).

Each week we we’ll discuss a different chapter of the Bhagavad Gita. Although not mandatory, reading each chapter prior to the class is highly recommended. The yoga dharma teaches to how to apply the lessons of the sacred texts to daily life. Every session will have one of Gabriel’s dharma talks be followed by an asana class to develop better study habits. Expect to take away numerous tips on yoga philosophy, meditation, breathing, sensory withdrawal, skill in action, and sequences to cultivate clarity, calmness, concentration, compassion and celebration.

Each class will start with a 30-minute dharma talk followed by a 90-minute asana practice.

$100 for all 3 classes or $35 for single class by Thursday, August 26, 2021; $115 for all 3 classes or $40 for single class thereafter

No registrations accepted after 10:30 am CDT on day of event. Your ZOOM link will be emailed to you one hour before event starts!

Yoga Swadhyaya and Sacred Texts III: Knowledge and Mystery

Sept 2: 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Week 1: Chapter 9 Of Religion By Knowledge and Mystery

Yoga Swadhyaya and Sacred Texts III: Heavenly Perfections

Sept 9: 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Week 2: Chapter 10 Of Religion By Heavenly Perfections

Yoga Swadhyaya and Sacred Texts III: The One and The Manifold

Sept 16: 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Week 3: Chapter 11 Of Religion By The One and The Manifold


Iyengar Yoga Series

4 SUNs Online

This course can be booked as series of four or as single workshop session. Suggested Props: mat, blankets, blocks, belt, chair. Suggested Books (to be read before the course): Light on Yoga Light on Pranayama Light on Life by BKS Iyengar

Week 1: Basics – foundational poses for the entry level

Sept 19 @ Noon – 2:30 pm CT

Alignment As Enlightenment.
Alignment is a kind of enlightenment and today you’ll find out why. Bio-mechanical alignment ensures safe and elegant movement. Yoga asanas when done properly feel good and reflect symmetry and freedom. Through precise alignment the mind becomes illuminated and discriminating. The basics of the Iyengar system will be taught focusing on fundamentals of hip and groin openers and standing poses. Open to all levels, especially beginners.

Week 2: Sharpening Your Edge – tapas-how to turn up the Bunsen burner

Sept 26 @ Noon – 2:30 pm CT

Abhyasa is defined as long, uninterrupted practice with devotion overtime. Refinement of the coarser aspects of personal practice follows initial attempts in yoga sadhana. Therefore, yoga leads from outer to inner, gross to subtle, and external to internal awareness. Finer details, more precise adjustments and holding poses for longer durations naturally proceed from better sequences and perseverance.

Week 3: Restorative Poses & Pranayama – passive practice and breath control

Oct 3 @ Noon – 2:30 pm CT

The fourth limb of yoga is pranayama. Mastering poses confers a flexible body, calm nerves and mental steadiness Yoga is the best antidote for being burnt out and out of sync with your own life rhythm, or fluctuating back-and-forth between being anxious and depressed. Yoga teaches techniques that are simple, safe, and effective. Today’s class will cover poses that relax and renew. Supine breath awareness techniques, as well as digital pranayama basics will be taught.

Week 4: Master Class

Oct 10 @ Noon – 2:30 pm CT

This challenging class is taken directly from a sequence taught at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, India. If you haven’t been to the yogic motherland, there is no better way to study the technique as taught at the foot of the master. Ignite the fire of aspiration that will make you want to go to the mat over and over again as a committed lifelong practitioner. Facing a challenge that is difficult creates the exhilaration of yoga. even if you can’t do the final pose you learn how to fail joyfully.

£20 – single session
£72 – full series