WED May 5

11 am – 1 pm

Prasna Upanishad
Join Gabriel this Wednesday, May 5th for an exploration of the Prasna Upanishad. This two-hour class from 11 am to 1 pm will feature one of Gabriel’s inspired Dharma talks and a one-of-a-kind line up of asana postures. We are utilizing the Penguin Classics version translated by Juan Mascaro. Another great on-line resource is Sacred Books of the East by Max Mueller (under Hinduism.) Props, such as blocks, belts, blankets, a bolster, chair and a wall space will be beneficial. If you are interested in participating but unable to make the scheduled class, we are now making the recordings available with registration. Suggested offering is $20 via Zelle to Gabriel Halpern or register.


WEDs May 19, June 2, & June 16

11 am – 1 pm

Looking ahead, the next series will focus on Ram Dass’s Be Here Now… examining this groundbreaking book through the lens and ideals of Love, Serve, Remember.
As a reference, you can check out the Ram Dass You Tube “Here and Now” series.
Ram Dass Here and Now – Episode 1 – First Meeting