Leadership and the Shadow

Aug 29 – FDC Studios – Chicago

An invitation to face our distractions and step into our power at the personal, familial, communal, societal and global level and become leaders ourselves.


Shakti: Women and the Future of Yoga

Oct 25 & 26 – Woodstock, IL

Many portents of what is stirring now world wide bid us look ahead to what’s next. And what is next? The future is female. Once the bastion of male dominated hierarchies, women have taken over the yogic leadership in America in unprecedented waves. Across our country additional versions of the Me Too movement have been advanced by women with much insight to add the the public sphere. This weekend’s focus will be on the recognition of the Goddesses within the yogic tradition as well as honoring the triple Goddess as embodied in diverse cultures across the globe.
FRI Oct 25 @ 6-9 pm – Saints, Sages & Mythological Icons Yogic postures are often named after Gurus, Rishis, and other famous practitioners of this noble art. We honor names like Bharadvaja, Vasishta, Marichi, Matsyendra, and Hanuman, as well as plants and animals like Padmasana, Vrksasna, Simhasana, and Garudasana. Tonight’s class will be a fun practice that reminds us of the yogis of yore and their stories.
SAT Oct 26 @ 11 – 2 pm – Twists & Inversions: Restorative Practices to Heal from Trauma, Anxiety & Depression