Affirmations: A thru F

Affirmations: A thru F

Written by Gabriel

A - F G - K L - Q R - Z


I let go of
preconceived ideas of life.

I let my inner power
do its good and perfect work.

As I release the thought
that others should conform
to my ideas,
I let go of anxiety.

I rely of the upsurge
of a new faith
which I feel now.

I welcome positive attitudes
and I give expression to them.

I work for my own pleasure
and the joy inherent
in the work itself.

Acceptance II

Every idea I accept,
I begin to execute.

Whatever I feel and claim to be true,
my sub-conscious brings forth
and faithfully reproduces.

I do not reason or argue
with myself controversially.

I select thoughts with deep premises,
ones that bless, heal, inspire,
and fill me with joy.

Inner assurance rules my life.

I can’t impose anything on myself,
against the will
of my conscious mind.


I have faith in God.

I am a master molder.
I take ideas
and clothe them in substance
to bring them into expression.

I live, walk and work
with gladness of heart,
in a world of harmony and plenty.

I am filled with vibrant strength.
I meet all with courage and wisdom.

My mind is serene and poised.
I am filled with
the power of the Almighty.

Negation cannot prevail against me.

I am dynamic, creative and effective.
I accomplish all that I desire.

Action II

I can do all things
in the spirit
which strengthens me.

I depend upon spirit’s power
to show me
the best and most productive way
to do everything.

I allow spirit’s power
to carry out
whatever is before me to do.

My efforts are never in vain.
All my affairs
flow in order.

I let go of all
struggle and strain.
I remind myself
I am not alone,
spirit is with me.


By spirit,
my days are multiplied,
years are added
to my life.

I am growing older
but not old.

I have solved
my share of problems.

I have equilibrium
between my thoughts,
emotions and reality.

My self discipline taps
limitless potentialities.

I am wiser,
more compassionate, more exuberant
and filled with life.


My mind and body express
the healing life
of the indwelling spirit.

As a result,
I radiate health and wholeness.

I accept the underlying pattern
of perfection
within each of us.

My creative power
of thought, word, and deed
is aligned with
this perfect life pattern.


I am filled and thrilled
with the joy of living.

I am blessed with the privilege
of being alive in this world.

I am open and receptive to
the good this day contains.

As i share my enthusiasm
with those around me,
they respond in kind.

In the presence of spirit
is the fullness of living.

I am grateful
for the opportunity
to experience that
and acknowledge it.


I see nothing
as a problem.

I see solutions
known to the spirit
and revealed to me.

Something in me
knows what to do.

I joyfully accept this answer
and follow its guidance.


The door to my goodness
never closes.

Through prayer,
I have the peace and confidence
to meet all experience.

I move forward
with inner self assurance,
certain of overcoming.

I allow the truth of spirit
to gain access within me.

Each challenge is an opportunity
to see the spirit of goodness,
power and truth.

Assurance II

I place all that concerns me
lovingly in spirit’s keeping.

I trust the law of good
in all people
and in all situations.

Knowing that spirit cares for me,
I have peace of mind.
I cast away anxiety.

Spirit is at work in all
to make everything right.

From my inner recesses
comes the assurance
of the loving presence within.

Spirit enfolds me.
I am comforted and sustained.

I met what has to be met
steady in the face
of any challenge.


I take time
to be aware of and enjoy
the beauty of life
all about me.

In creation,
there are no straight lines
but curves, spirals,
angles and turns.

I see the unseen
symphony of life
in mountains, wind,
waves and sky.

The beauty which is
always at hand,
sustains me
and gives me peace.

I bless everyone and everything.

My blessings increase
as I share them.

Beauty II

I take time to be aware
of the beauty of life.

All about me,
I see the work of spirit.

Today, I give hurry no place.

My joy increases as I share it.

My heart delights
in the unseen reality
that turns
the commonplace into the divine.

Love pours forth from me
as a wellspring
that never runs dry.

I am the beauty of life.

Beauty III

The all embracing divine beauty
shines in all creation.

I see beauty everywhere
and in everything.

Everything is beautiful
in its own way.

I let it express itself
in all my manifestations.

I am made in the divine image.
As I see and think,
so shall I express.

I see beauty
in my innermost heart.


I take the first step
of a new beginning.

Every seed
holds within itself
the promise of possibility.

I plant seeds
and await
undiscovered opportunity.

The gift of life
is the capacity
to further my unfolding.

A good work
is begun in me
and brought to completion.

Beginnings II

I give thanks that
I can begin again.

I do not react negatively.
I start by taking inventory
of what I want to change.

I am ready to accept
all the blessings
prepared for me.

As I change my thoughts,
I change my outer life.

I am renewed
in the spirit.

I invite spirit
to help me change.

I welcome any change
that is meant to happen
to become a better person.


I believe the best about others.

I believe that spirit
is at work
in the midst of others
in the world.

I believe in good news
for my future
and the future of the world.

I believe that spirit
makes provision
for everyone’s needs.

I believe in spirit’s
everlasting love.


Every day, in every way,
I am discover more
of the goodness of spirit.

When troubled by circumstances,
I recognize blessings.

I look for and accept the good.

I am fortified
by the faith
in the good
that is mine.

I am no longer a victim
of the vision of scarcity.

I trust spirit
to bring about the resolution
to any appearance of darkness.

Blessing II

I love all.
I bless all.
I behold spirit in all.

When I have feelings of misunderstanding,
or animosity towards another,
I pray that I
may behold spirit in them.

Nothing equals
the harmonizing
and adjusting power
of a loving heart.

I am at peace with myself,
my dear ones,
and all my associates.

I release all critical
or condemning thoughts.

Blessings III

I am richly blessed.

Every day free gifts
are showered upon me
in abundance.

I consider the magnitude
of spirit’s goodness.

I have loving family and friends
in my life
and the spirit within
which never fails
or forsakes me.

I give thanks for
the truth which sets me free
and for spirit’s wondrous life
flowing in and through me.


The living presence within
heals my body.

I am vitally alive.

My body responds
to praise and appreciation
with health.

My body serves me
in marvelous ways.

I treat my body
with the respect
it deserves.

I care for its every need.

My body’s faculties and functions
express themselves perfectly.

I am aglow
with a soaring spirit.

Balance and harmony show forth
in my whole being.

Body Temple

I speak words of praise
about the body.
I feel its inner response.

I give thanks
for the flow of life
through me.

I praise the intelligence
at work in every atom.

I give my body
the finest care and
it enables me
to do good work.

A great healing
is taking place
in my body.

I live abundantly.

My body is the temple
of the spirit.

The living presence
dwells within it.


Calm peace
sweeps over my soul.

I release negative,
uneasy thoughts.

A tranquil mind
gives life to flesh.

I am calm within myself
no matter what
outer appearances seem.

I release friends,
family and co-workers
to the protection of spirit.

Whatever today brings,
I go about my activities
with a calm, peaceful attitude.


Spirit takes care of
all that concerns me.

All situations in my life
resolve themselves.

Spirit knows the way
Spirit knows the solution.

I give up all worry
to spirit’s keeping.

I have the assurance
of answered prayer.

Spirit does not fail me
or forsake me.

I am relaxed
and anxiety free.


I let go of the things
that bother me.
I give them over
to divine intelligence.

I know its not so much
how I handle any situation,
but how I handle myself.

A clear, unclouded mind
dominates my thoughts,
feelings and actions.

I cast all my anxiety
on the spirit.
I know spirit cares about me.

I accept peace,
blessings and guidance.


I am flexible and adaptable,
I adjust to changing circumstances.

Whether the changes are
natural and expected,
or sudden and unexpected,
I am flexible and adaptable,
I adjust to changing circumstances.

Even if I like things
just the way they are,
I am flexible and adaptable,
I adjust to changing circumstances.

I turn any fear or hesitancy
over to my inner spirit.

I keep an open mind and heart.

Life’s will for me
is the for the highest
and the best.

Change II

I can begin again.
I can change for the better.

I meet life
with a different attitude.
I am more loving,
understanding and tolerant.

I am certain
to expect new ideas.
I am prepared
to act on them.

I am being changed
into spirit’s likeness.

Change III

Spirit is my strength and stability
through any change.

I can make
whatever adjustments
are necessary.

Realization keeps me poised.
I overthrow customary patterns.

Everything I now take for granted
was once unknown to me,
just as my best friends
were once unknown to me.

I need not fear change.
Something good is awaiting
from every change.

Change IV

I am flexible.
I welcome change.

In a world of continual change,
I cannot keep things
just the same.

Life is activity,
movement and growth.

I meet change
calmly and confidently.

All things work together
for my highest good
and the good of all concerned.

Spirit blesses my life
and all my experiences.

I open my eyes
and behold wondrous things
in my changing world.

Change V

My entire life
is changing for the better.

It’s going on
all the time.

My health, finances,
relationships and attitudes
are all changing for the better.

I renew my faith in spirit.
I know it is never too late
to begin again.

I am joyously walking
the pathway of light.

I travel with ease.


I choose to express
from cheerful heart.

I clear my mind
of negative thoughts.

I do not condemn
any action or inaction,
on my part
or the part
of any others.

I maintain a light
and happy outlook.

I find rewarding,
constructive things to do.

My conversations are positive.
I always have something
positive to say.

Blessings return to me
in overflowing measure.


I do not respond
in predictable ways,
a rat in a maze.

I am not controlled
by people or events.

I make conscious choices
that put me
in control of my life.

I think, then act,
and watch my life transform.

Spirit turns the darkness before me
into light.

When blind to solutions at hand,
when the way seems blocked,
I trust the divine intelligence
to reveal answers
and show the way
to paths I have not known.


Living, loving spirit
abide with me.

Give me the gift
of your comfort,
sustaining and upholding me.

Let your light shine
in my mind.

Insulated by your serenity,
I do not need to fathom
the reason behind
all circumstances.

My faith is enhanced and renewed.

Comfort II

I am comforted
in the midst
of darkness, loneliness,
unhappiness, confusion,
or regret.

Spirit wipes away every tear.

The comfort of spirit
holds me close.

The comfort of spirit
dispels anxiety.

The comfort of spirit
inspires new vision.

The comfort of spirit
pours out forgiveness.

I am needed
right where I am.

I have much comfort to give.


I belong to spirit.
My work is spirit’s work.

Spirit works for good
through me.

Spirit’s work cannot be
hindered or delayed.

Spirit always finishes successfully
whatever spirit begins.

Spirit work goes through
to completion.

My work is spirit’s work,
so it reaches full fruition.
For this, I give thanks.


I have something uplifting and positive
to communicate to others.

I am better at it
than I think.

Deeper than words,
I communicate my feelings.

I desire to understand.
Right words flow easily
and at the right time.

My words of faith
are filled with power.


I have an open line
to spirit.

In any time of need,
in any problem,
I have constant communion
with the all-sufficient,
the source of all good.

I take time to be still.

I become aware
and feel the presence
of the spirit within.

I release myself
from limiting beliefs,
doubt and fear.

I am filled
with the joy of living.

I am refreshed.
I return to activities
with new energy and vitality.

I seek spirit continuously.


I acknowledge confidence in myself.

I have faith in the goodness of spirit
within me.

I direct my thinking
to divine omnipresence,
which includes me.

My confidence is greater today
than it was yesterday
and will be greater tomorrow
than it is today.

I am refreshed
by being part of
the universal will-to-good.

I am instructed from within
to let my light shine.

Confidence II

Spirit gives me the time,
energy and know how to do
all that is before me today.

Through positive action,
I accomplish good results.
I am confident of success.

I meet and overcome
every appearance of challenge.
Negative ideas cannot limit me.

I am not bound by fear
or consciousness of delay.

I do it all
with ease and grace.

Confidence III

Divine understanding is quickened in me
and I know the truth of confidence.

I rise out of
the darkness of doubt
into the light of assurance.

Opportunities come
for me to make decisions.

All decisions are right and good
if I seek wisdom and understanding in them.

I am given the power
to transform myself,
by calling on the spirit
in confident faith.


I embody
the spirit of courage.

I dare to face fear
and say:
“you are nothing.”

Spirit is the healing power
on which I rely.

The courage I need
is there within me.

My courage mounts
with the occasion.

The spirit within me
is indomitable and victorious.

I send blessings
to all,
right now.

Courage II

Changing my life
is risky business.

Change does not come easy,
or fast.

I am courageous
to restructure my life.

I trust in my faith
to handle all outcomes
no matter what happens.

Spirit supports me
and gives me strength
whatever the need may be.

The spirit is the source
of courage within me.

I call upon spirit.

Courage is poised
to conquer fear.

Courageous III

I am courageous and strong.

I stand firm
when appearances seem
to belie the good.

I have inner conviction
and fortitude.

I go about my life
with joyous expectancy.

I am daring,
daring and bold
in claiming my good.

Spirit’s strength,
power and peace
is my strength,

I am courageous and strong.

Courage IV

I am strong, faith filled,
courageous and free.

No matter what the weather is,
no matter what decisions
have to be made,
spirit is with me.

Whether I am in a busy office,
in a different city,
at home with family,
or with strangers,
wherever I am
spirit is with me.

Spirit opens the way
to the good I am seeking
and to the good
that is seeking me.

I know the comfort of
the presence of spirit within me.

I am strong
and of good courage.

Courage V

Spirit is free
and courageous.

I belong to
a spiritual universe.
I express that regardless
of what the outer may be.

Thinking of the outer alone
causes fear,
the result from
thinking apart from spirit.

Fear is thinking
away from spirit.
Love casts out fear.

I meet this day
with the courage of freedom
and the freedom of courage.

Day By Day

I make this day count.

I live one day at a time.
I take one step at a time.

I do not race against time
to get things done.
I do what is important to do today.

I feel refreshed,
renewed and enthusiastic.

I find peace
in taking each day
as it comes.

Day by day,
I am calm,
serene, and joyful.


I go forward
to meet my good
with a determined spirit.

Through prayer and meditation,
I receive new and creative ideas.

Awareness of spirit’s good,
active within my life
is stirring in me now.

I go ahead at the right pace,
no quicker than needed.

I visualize each goal
in its completed form.
I see each goal
in all its details.

My good is ever unfolding.


Within myself,
I have freedom and dominion.

I have dominion over fear,
guilt and doubt.

I am free from the thought
that life is passing me by.

I have dominion over
dark moods and depressive outlooks.

I am not bound
to past failures.

It’s up to me
to assert myself
and claim what is mine.

I do not submit
to any yoke of slavery,
or anything that undermines
my faith in spirit.


I am unhurried and relaxed.
I exude an aura
of peace and goodwill.

I know in spirit,
there is only
the eternal now.

I do not force issues.
I let my goals and aspirations
unfold one at a time.

I accomplish all
that needs to be done
easily and efficiently.

I am in the right place
at the right time.

My body responds
to my sense of order
and perfect timing.

I enjoy each moment of ease,
this day.


Anyone I meet
is a holy encounter.

As I see them, think of them,
and treat them,
I see, think of,
and treat myself.

I worship spirit
with all my heart and soul
and weariness leaves me.

I am serene in spirit’s grace.
Each like a star
that fills a point in space,
each shines and is needed
in their place.


Spirit generously provides
the energy I need
for all activities.

I have an abundant
storehouse of energy within.
I draw from it.

I am cheerful and enthusiastic.

Spirit is the source
of all life and vitality
and spirit is within me.

I give thanks for vigor
and inner strength.


Joyously, I say “Yes, I can,”
to whatever
I am led to undertake.

I lift up
and encourage my spirit.

I use all my faculties
to their fullest potential.

My energy and interests
highlight my life.

I sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm,
as I leap forward with faith
to do the things
that have to be done by me.


I meet change with equanimity
and evenness of mind
especially under stress.

I have the right disposition

Underneath it all
is my love holding me close.

I am not adrift but anchored,
safe and secure in my love.

A mighty power is at work
in all that concerns me.

Something good and wonderful awaits me
and that’s all I need to know.


I have faith in myself
and my ability
to keep on keeping on.

I am determined
to look to the good.

I dwell on positive thoughts
to boost my spirit and my morale
and I am encouraged.

I forget what lies behind.
I press on towards my goals.
I achieve and succeed.

I consciously choose
to see the good.

The God of all faith
designs it so.

I let the miracle be.

Faith II

Whatever I ask for in prayer,
I receive if I have faith.

Faith opens doors.
Faith sees the way ahead.
Faith overcomes difficulties.

My faith is equal to
every demand made upon me.

I am capable of doing
more and better than
I have done up to now.

As I let my faith grow,
spirit has faith in me.

I know the sun
is behind the clouds
and that every storm passes.

Faith III

I have faith in
my emerging spiritual self.

Through faith,
worry and concern
translate into positive thinking.

Spirit moves me from
I can’t to:
I can be
all I am capable of.

I go towards my highest good.

I affirm spirit’s presence
around and within me.

Faith IV

Whatever I ask for in prayer,
I receive if I have faith.

Faith in myself counts for more
than anyone’s faith in me.

My faith removes
mountains of opposition.

My faith turns stumbling blocks
into stepping stones.

My faith is a power
as real as electricity.

I rely on it.
I live by it.
I am thankful for it.
I have faith in it.

Faith V

Spirit heals any
and every condition.

I pray for
all people’s restoration.

The spirit of unwavering faith
affrims life and wholeness.

I give thanks for
a strong and healthy body.

I keep my thoughts and feelings
lifted up.

My life is active, productive,
and joyous.

My faith has made me well.

I go out in peace.

Faith VI

I have faith in spirit.
I want for nothing.

I live in joyous expectation
of the best.

I consciously lay cliam
to the healing power.

The creative intelligence
that makes the body
is healing it now.

Spirit’s love dissolves
everything unlike itself.

My faith believes this
and accepts it as true.

Spirit has need of me
where I am,
I would not be here.

All things be ready
if my mind and heart be so.

I am an expression
of living spirit.


Spirit’s love is perfect.
Perfect love casts out fear.

Fear has no power over me.
Fear which is baseless
has no truth on which to stand.

As I declare the All-ness of spirit,
I declare the nothingness of fear.

As I affirm faith in the spirit,
I am more capable
of handling circumstances dauntlessly.

Spirit is with me.
I have nothing to fear.

Fearlessness II

Spirit is with me,
I have nothing to fear.

I overcome feelings of fear
with calm, peaceful strength.

I respond with confidence
regardless of the appearance
of situations.

In all places or circumstances,
all of my loved ones
are protected by spirit.

Safe in the presence of spirit
apprehension disappears.

Fearlessness III

I fear not, nor am I dismayed,
for within me is living spirit.

I am always going someplace:
to work, to visit someone, to take a test;
whatever I do,
wherever I go,
I go to meet my good.

I am confident,
poised and sustained
by the knowledge
that spirit is with me.

I enter into every day
with a joyful attitude.

I am free from doubt and misgivings.
Spirit is my guide and strong support.

Fearlessness VI

I fear not
for spirit is with me.

I am not dismayed.
Spirit strengthens and upholds me.

Wherever I go,
I go to meet my good.

I am sustained in all things
by spirit as my help and guide.

An attitude of seeking good,
finds good at every hand.

In any time of change,
life takes on ever new zest.

I adjust to any circumstance.


Tidal water heals.

I keep a daily visit
with the tidal waters
of the spirit.

Noxious creatures of mind
live and breed
in the stagnant pool
of fear and doubt.

The flow of my inner,
tidal waters
carries away anything
stale and lifeless.

The circulation of
what is life giving
makes all the difference.


The mistakes of the past are erased.
The weight of old guilt is lifted.

I no longer blame myself
for what I did or did not do.
I do not harken back.

I accept forgiveness.
I let go with courage.
I press on ahead.

I make the present
a time of love,
joy and resolution.

I put myself
positively into life.

I am on a new path
and spirit is with me.

Forgiveness II

If ever I hold ill will or antagonism,
I let go and forgive
everyone and everything.

I withdraw words of anger,
gossip, and animosity.
I do everything in my power
to end any separation.

If I accuse anyone unjustly,
I ask their forgiveness.

As much as possible,
in all types of circumstances,
I work on patience and lovingkindness.

I see all being as they are:
pure in spirit.
Spirit is blessing me
with forgiveness, now.

Forgiveness III

The love of spirit
helps me to forgive
freely, fully, and completely.

Forgiveness is always timely,
never out of date.

I condemn no one.
I release any hurt
or wounded pride.

I offer my heart
cleansed and renewed.
I rest in silence and peace.

My love binds everything
in perfect harmony.

Forgiveness IV

Forgiveness sets me free
from hurts, mistakes,
and bitterness from the past.

I am no longer weighted down
as I release
unforgiving thoughts and feelings.

I accept this as true
and give thanks for it.

I forgive and I am forgiven.

I am free.

Forgiveness V

I forgive and I am forgiven.

I am free, happy,
and at peace within myself.

I let go of memories
of the past.
I let go of past mistakes.

I speak the words
my inner self
wants to hear.

I forgive myself.
I accept forgiveness.

I forget my misery
like waters
that have passed away.

I feel a new beginning
in a loving direction.

I forgive others and I am forgiven.


Truth sets me free.

I am a spiritual being-
loving, wise and powerful.

I realize this
and surrender to it.

I am not dominated
by conditions.

Nothing is beyond my ability
to change into spirit’s likeness.

Spirit’s life is
unbounded and unlimited.


I know the truth.
The truth sets me free.

Spirit is
the one power and presence
in the world.

I am free from
limiting beliefs and unwanted habits.

I am free from
negative and depressed
states of consciousness.

I am free from anything
that makes me less
than I am meant to be.

I am one
with spirit’s love, light,
peace, and joy.

I am free
in spirit’s presence.


I rely on the spirit within me
and my success is assured.

I am created
for happiness and fulfillment.

I am one
with infinite intelligence
and absolute good.

I am one with life,
light and love.

My inner spirit
is all powerful
and all knowing.

I can do
whatever I need to do,
to realize my heart’s desire.

I access divine ideas
and unlimited resources.

I express
spirit’s fulfillment.