Affirmations: G thru K

Affirmations: G thru K

Written by Gabriel

A - F G - K L - Q R - Z


I stir up the gifts
of the spirit within me.

I gain new insight and inspiration
from my talents and abilities.

I have the power
to attain my goals.

I have strength and courage
to follow through.

No outer condition or circumstance
governs my success.

I am blessed with true achievement.

My happiness and fulfillment
is at every hand.

Gifts II

There are many varieties of gifts.
The same spirit of
inspires them all.

The gift of my love
is the most important
life renewer I can give.

I do not disdain small duties.
I give myself to them
through the gift of my love.


Life gives itself to me.
I give myself to life.

Life is a generous giver,
I cannot be less.

I give of my enthusiasm.
I give of my interest.
I give of my prayers.
I give of my time.
I give of my thoughts.
I give of my feelings.
I give of my love.
I give of my abundance.
I give out of my blessings.

Spirit’s gift to me is life.

What I do with this life
is my gift to spirit.

I am more blessed when I give
than when I receive.

Giving II

I let my gifts
flow into life.

Spirit brings perfection
into expression
through human giving.

I am given divine capabilities
and the power
to manifest them.

In every way,
all good things increase
through my cooperation
with giving.

I evolve as a giver.

Giving III

I am a channel for good.

I give what I have to give
freely and abundantly.

My giving encompasses more
than material resources and possessions.

I give of my time,
my loving conversations,
and my availability.

I give the true gift:
and I am blessed.

I know my good
comes back to me.
This is a spiritual law
and the truth.

Giving IV

I let my gifts
flow into life.

I give and
I receive in return.

I evolve as a giver,
not just in material things
but in divine ideas.

Through human being,
spirit brings perfection
into expression.

All good things, increase in every way
through cooperation with giving.

I am given capabilities
and the power to manifest them.

Giving V

The storm is over.
The sun is shining.

I give myself to life,
with no thought of return.

Life is a generous giver.
Life invites me
to give no less.

I give out of
the abundance
of my heart.

I know the blessing
in giving.

Petty annoyances
seem trivialities
and very small.

Glorious opportunities
stretch before me.

I surrender my will.

I give my self over
to life.

Golden Rule

I think about others,
as I would have them
think about me.

I see the preponderance of good
that is in everyone,
as I wish that they see
the good in me.

I bring out that good quickly
by talking to it.

I give loving support
to everyone,
to help in
their personal overcoming
in the goals
they seek in life.

Golden Rule II

Whatsoever I wish
people would do to me,
I do to them.

My health and harmonious living
is based upon
the law of attraction.

As I want fairness and justice,
so I am fair and just.

I give everyone
the benefit of the doubt.

As I want to be loved,
so I appreciate others.

As I reserve the right
to my own opinions,
so I respect that right
in others.

I realize the golden rule
as I apply it.


Only the good
is enduringly true.

I am undisturbed
by the spirit of negation.

Everything undesirable passes away,
as I refuse to give it
recognition as a reality.

I trust the presence
of the spirit within me
to enlighten my understanding.

I open to light and love
like sun coming into darkness.

Spirit’s good is steadfast.
I keep my spiritual poise.

Good II

The goodness of spirit
fills every area of my life.

I accept spirit’s love
and approval.

I bring harmony
into my world.

Whatever is needed to bring
blessings into this world
is drawn into my life.

I am and I do
whatever I am meant
to be and do.

This day is a day of good.
Whatever I am blessed with
I share with others.

Good III

Spirit is a power of good
operating through me.

Spirit’s presence
inspires and sustains me.
I rely on it.

I have new joy in living.

Nothing in me obstructs
the passage of good.

Whatever I need to know,
I know.
Whatever I need to do,
I do.

I permit unlimited good
to flow through me,
in all its power and wonder.

Everything in my life
is right and good.

Good IV

I am a radiating center
of divine love,
mighty to attract my good
and radiate good to others.

I am a doer of the word,
not a hearer only.

Today I pray for somebody.
Today I thank somebody.
Today I smile at somebody.
Today I praise somebody.
Today I live up to my capacity.

I pass good along
and it’s contagious.

Good V

I expect and receive
abundant good.

Eager anticipation of
the good that is mine
draws it to me.

I am on the threshold
of a new day
of potential and possibility.

This is the day
that spirit has made,
I rejoice
and am glad in it.

Good VI

There is a power of good
operating through me.

Spirit’s presence of good
is inspiring and sustaining.
I rely on it.

The creative spirit brings me
freedom from difficulties,
whatever they may be.

In my new joy of living,
whatever I need to know, I know,
whatever I need to do, I do.
Everything in my life is right.

I permit unlimited good
to flow through me
in all its wonder and power.

Good VII

I am poised and confident.
I await spirit’s blessing.

Spirit is always at work.

No situation is outside of
the divine providence.

I am unhurried and orderly,
certain of expected
and unexpected good.


Spirit’s order
takes charge of my life,
today and every day.

All things work together
for my good,
today and every day.

Today is new and wonderful.

I am guided
all day long.
Whatever I do prospers.

Love surrounds,
enfolds and enwraps me.

I go forth in peace.


Spirit instructs me
on the way to go.

Insight inspires and guides me
to know what to do
and how to do it.

The wisdom of inner light
shows me the way
to right answers.

Illumined, I follow through
on the way
that is made clear.

I pray for others
that they may be guided
in ways right for them.

The guiding presence
is always there.

Guidance II

Spiritual intelligence
inspires and directs me.

I know what to do
and how to do it.

I am confident and courageous.

I act on the guidance
that comes to me
with poise and faith.

Spirit gives to all generously.
Every need of my life is met.

I respond to life’s abundance.
I call upon the wisdom within
to see me through.

Guidance III

My prayer is for guidance, wisdom,
illumination, and inspired decisions
that bless me and everyone concerned.

I have a unique contribution
to make to life.

I give no attention
to negativity of any kind.

I focus on all that is
productive and worthwhile.

Spirit continuously
gives me good judgment.

Spirit keeps me
on the path of truth.
I walk in spirit’s radiance.

Guidance IV

I trust in spirit’s guidance
in making all decisions.

I rely upon spirit’s intelligence
which never fails
or makes mistakes.

I know spirit is right.
I feel confident and peaceful.

Spirit lights my way
and illumines my mind.

I progress
without stress or strain.
I proceed
with order and joy.

Spirit’s guidance is constantly flowing
through me, right now.

Guidance V

I am never out of touch
with cosmic guidance.

I call for renewal and refreshment
and spiritual reserves
are always available.

Spirit’s presence flows through me
as joy, peace, beauty,
harmony and right action.

Spirit’s love fills me
and wonders happen.

Through the power of the almighty,
I am free.

Guidance VI

I respond to gentle guidance
from the spirit.

I consider the contribution
I can make
as a harmonizer and healer.

I give my peace, assurance,
good will, and loving touch,
to uplift any I meet.

I have sure contact
with spirit in my life
by the presence
of the almighty
within me.


I am radiantly happy
for I trust in spirit.

I am happy
in giving and receiving.

I am happy
in being quiet
and being exhilarated.

I am happy
with what I keep in my heart
and with what I share.

I am happy
with waiting
and with going forward.

I am happy
in change
and in staying the same.

I am happy
in good company and in being alone.

Happiness rings in my words
and expresses in my actions.

Happiness II

Spirit is love.
I am happy and fulfilled.

Wonderful people surround me
and fill my life.
People who I have faith in
and people who believe in me.

I express my higher self
as capable and successful
in all I do.

I give thanks and
bless this entire day.

Happiness III

I receive and share
the gift of happiness.

I radiate happiness
from the spiritual center
of my being.

Peace begins
in the realm of
body, mind, and heart.

I create galdness
that shines forth
in my life.

Enduring happiness and well being
are not dependent upon
anyone or anything.

There is no way to happiness,
happiness itself
is the way.


I am needed and important.

I acknowledge myself,
not to elevate my worth above others,
but as an individual expression
of living spirit.

Wherever I am,
I can be the one
to express love, peace,
faith and good,
and see it
in all others.

As a calm, reassuring presence,
I am one with spirit.

I am act from
the spiritual center
of my being.

In quiet and simple ways,
I restore harmony and order
wherever I am.


The law of harmony governs
each choice I make.

I just think it
an its quiet power
does not let
negativity simmer.

Right thinking leads to
right action.

I use the best
of my ability
to create harmony and good.


Spirit’s healing power
is mightier than
any appearance or condition.

I marshall forces
that counteract disease.

I show forth
the perfect life idea.

I keep my thoughts
free from fear.

I pray with
confidence and faith.

My faith makes me well.
My faith keeps me well.

As I affirm life and health,
I add to my feeling
of well being.

Healing II

The life of spirit
has strength to heal.

Nothing is beyond
spirit’s power to heal.

I do not give into appearances.

I have faith in the body’s
marvelous capacity
to throw off disease.

The life of spirit
is mighty within me.

I affirm that healing
is taking place now.

Healing III

I am healed in mind and body.

I praise and bless
the perfect functioning
of spirit in me.

I affirm healing
to all who need.

I envision my loved ones
as vital and alive.

I feel uplifting joy
and the peace
of renewed light.

May every thought,
word and deed
affirm spirit is good.

I am healed today.

People I pray for
are healed today.

Healing IV

Love heals.
I affirm life and strength.

As I pray for healing,
my faith adds power
and steadfastness to my prayer.

Life is spirit’s
loving gift to me.

I am set free
from anything that blocks
the flow of healing life.

I think:
how wonderful life is.
I let love be
the great harmonizer.

I believe it,
and so it is,
working in
and through me,

Healing V

I do not harbor
thoughts of illness.

I think of health.
I give thanks for health.

Spirit in me
is a life giver.

Spirit’s life is whole,
perfect and entirely untouched
by outer circumstances and conditions.

An orderly, wise,
and all powerful action
now takes place
in my body and mind.

At the center of my being,
every cell springs to do
its healing work.

Healing VI

The life of spirit
has the strength to heal.

I have faith in
the body’s marvelous capacity
to throw off disease.

I do not give in
to appearances.

The life of spirit
is mighty within me
to restore and affirm.

Nothing is beyond
spirit’s power to heal.

The healing I seek,
takes place within me,

Healing VII

The healing life of spirit
is within my body temple.

Spirit’s healing brings me
energy, stamina,
and new life.

Spirit sends peace-filled
messages of relaxation
to any ready to receive.

Negation cannot withstand
the healing life of spirit.


I am filled through and through
with the healing and revitalizing
life of spirit.

I affirm oneness.

Health becomes a habit
and acts in my defense
to ward off
even the suggestion of illness.

I nourish
the life idea in me
and my body responds.

I don’t have to wait
until I have a healing need
to affirm health.

Daily, I am renewed and restored.


My spirit is serene.
My attitude positive.

I am wise to spirit.
Spirit likes me
and what I am doing.

I recognize the presence of spirit
within myself.

I salute spirit in all.

Spirit enables me to love
and to receive love
from all.

Spirit is my help
in every need.

I trust fully
in spirit’s abundance.

I am completely protected
by spirit’s help.


In all humility,
I greet the spirit of guidance.

I see the light of spirit
in all forms.

I see the love of spirit
in all beings.

I adore spirit’s presence.
Spirit enlightens my being.

Spirit’s message reaches far and wide
illuminating and making whole.

I Am

I am well and healthy.
I am strong and whole.

I proclaim the truth
of my spiritual identity.

My words declare
and connect me
to the truth I am.

I respond to all
life affirming statements.

I found all my insights
on divine principles.

I hear it.
I feel it.
And so it is.


I am a child
of the living spirit,
inherently good.

The truth about me
is constantly seeking
to find expression
in my thoughts and actions.

I spread blessings everywhere.

I make people happy
wherever I go.

I arise and shine.
spirit’s light has come.

The spiritual me
is loving and joyous.

My real being
is utterly dependable.

I am privileged
to be well and strong.

I only have to be myself
and all will be wonderful.


I am at peace
in body, mind and heart.

I love people
for the way they are.

I love their distinctive
traits of character.

I free all persons
to live their lives
according to the promptings
of the spirit within them.

I love the diversity
in the unity.

I give people the freedom
of their individuality.

Inner Light

I pray for help
to be a light
and a blessing to others.

I offer my hand
to those in need of friendship.

I offer my heart
to those in need of love.

I offer my understanding
to those in need of a listener.

I offer my gentleness
to those who have been buffeted.

I offer my comfort
to those who are bereaved.

I offer my compassion
to all creation.

I am a light in the world.

I find many ways
to let my light shine.

Inner Strength

Spirit strengthens me with love.
Spirit moves my healing power.

I stand fast in my faith
not reacting to appearances.
My heart does not falter or fail.

Spirit stirs my will
for the days ahead.

My actions and efforts
are blessed with the success
of spirit’s presence.

Spirit’s love is my inner strength.

Inner Understanding

There is always greater good
waiting to be expressed.

I am on the right path,
when I look to spirit
for guidance and direction.

In time,
everything will be
as it should be.

Even right now,
everything is
as it should be.

Spirit has provided
the perfect way
for me to grow,
in wisdom and grace.

I am patient
with myself and others.


I pray for others,
instead of worrying
or wondering about their welfare.

Rather than being anxious,
I give what is most needed:
to surround them with spirit.

Spirit is a very present help
and a healing presence.

I bless them with that
which fulfills their soul need.

Spirit lights the way,
guides the steps,
and harmonizes life.

Inner Strength II

Through the power of spirit in me,
I have strength and energy to accomplish
all that is before me to do.

I am released from the pressure
of extra demands.

I have inner resources
to meet every outer need.

I set the tone
of the coming days.

Patience, wisdom, insight,
peace and love are with me now
and throughout my life.


I take one step at a time.
I enjoy each day as it comes.

I live one day at a time.
I make this day count.

I am not caught up
in pressure or hurry.

I do what is important
to do today.

I have the inner peace
of accomplishment.

I am renewed and enthusiastic.

This is the day
that spirit has made.
I rejoice and am glad in it.

Joy II

The joy of spirit
gives me new zest
for living.

Joy is always within me
awaiting expression.

No barriers prevent me
from being worthy
of spirit’s joy.

No postponement obstructs
my experience of joy.

Through joy I access
ever present health,
strength and vitality.

The joy of spirit brings
never ending delight
into my life.


I go out in joy.
I am led forth
in peace.

Joy is independent
of outer circumstances.

Joy is a gift
from spirit.

Joy is a wellspring
constantly fed
by spirit.

I am happy and productive,
stirred to new, positive thoughts.

I am radiant and free
in the glory
of the moment.

I give thanks
for my capacity
for joy.

Joy IV

I go out in joy.
I am led forth in peace.

My joy and peace
are independent of
outer circumstances.

My joy and peace are wellsprings
constantly fed by my inner spirit.

I am happy and productive,
stirred to new thoughts.

I am radiant and free
in the glory of the moment.

I give thanks
for my capacity
for joy.


I affirm my faith
in the law
of love and justice.

I clearly see and confront injustice.
I think peace not anger.

Outer appearance
often does not reveal
the true picture.

I look to the adjusting
power of spiritual love.

I am patient and unworried,
as I wait for the manifestation
of karmic justice.

No one and no thing stand in my way.

My own comes to me
under the justice
of spiritual law.

Justice II

I live in spirit’s world,
a just world.

Despite appearances,
all are under karmic law.
All ends just.

I look for the good
in all people.

I expect to experience justice
in all my dealings.

When conditions seem unjust
and people act in unjust ways,
I remember:
all things happen
for the ultimate good.

I contribute to justice
and bring good changes
into my life
and my dealings
with other people.

I look for justice

Justice III

I live in spirit’s world,
a just world.

Despite appearances,
all are under
karmic law.

All turns out just.

I look for the good
in all people.

I expect to experience justice
in all my dealings.

When conditions seem unjust,
and people act
in unjust ways,
I remember:
all things happen
for the ultimate good.

I contribute
to bringing about changes
by just dealings
with all people.