Affirmations: L thru Q

Affirmations: L thru Q

Written by Gabriel

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Letting Go

I am in control of my life
by letting go of my will.

I do not tell spirit
what to do
or how to do it.

I go to spirit
to seek counsel
in my life.

I follow through
on what I receive
of spirit.

No barriers stand before
the mighty power of spirit
expressing through me.

All seeming obstacles
become the very thresholds
over which I pass
to meet my good.

new passages open for me,
as I acknowledge
spirit in my life.

Letting Go II

I let go and
I let the will-to-good
shine through me.

It matters not
how great the challenge.
In the light of spirit,
there is no darkness.

I can let go
of what I will,
each time I relax
and be still.

Whatever casts a shadow,
whatever seems a heavy burden,
passes away.

Letting Go III

I let go and let God.

I let go of
the tendency to worry
about the outcome of things.

I do everything
that needs to be done by me
and then,
I release all fears
over results.

I am open to
and follow through on
the guidance I receive
from within.

I go forward
to meet every challenge
with faith and confidence.

I rest assured
that all the power
in the universe
is bringing about
order in my life.

Letting Go IV
I release everyone and everything
that are no longer part
of the plan of my life.

Everything and everyone
that are no longer part
of the plan for my life
now release me.

I let go and let spirit unfold
the plan of my life.

I attune to
and cooperate with
the plan of my life.

Spirit manifests
in plan in me,
quickly and in peace.


I love life.
I appreciate life.

Life is of the spirit.
Life is wonderful.

I am enthusiastic and thankful
about every phase
of my life.

The occasions for my self expression
in a multitude of ways,
are unlimited.

I know the joy
of a grateful heart.

Life II

The life of spirit
renews my body and mind
and keeps me whole and optimistic.

There is no lack of life.

I only a need to have faith
in spirit’s life within me.

I affirm my oneness
with spirit’s life.

I pray in faith
for anyone
who needs to be healed.

I picture them as they are
in spirit’s light,
complete, perfect, and free.

In quiet acceptance,
I attune to the perfect life idea.

Wherever I am,
the healing life of spirit
is with me.

Life III

I am in love with life.
Every day is a delight.

The life idea
sustains and renews me.

I have the vision and insight.
I see life’s wonder and beauty.

One is never
too young or old
to be in love
with life.

I celebrate with
renewed awareness.

I am in the now moment.
I enjoy all life.

Life IV

I receive and share
the gift of life.

I think life.
I speak life.
I feel vitally alive.

I express
the perfect life
of spirit.

My body and mind respond
to all uplifting words
of praise and thankfulness.

I am enfolded in
a mantle of ease,
no longer haunted
by doubt or fear.

I am filled with life.


The light of spirit
shines forth through me
as guidance,
wisdom and instruction.

When I have need of direction,
I turn to the light within.

Right decisions and right actions
are mine.

I think with clarity of mind
and confidence of purpose.

I am prepared
to participate fully
in life.

I meet new people and new situations
with a willingness
to shine and express
from the light within.

Light II

Spirit’s light shines through me.
My way is clear and satisfying.

I offer my body,
mind and life
to the outpouring
of spirit’s radiance.

I turn aside
from paths of doubt
or confusion.

I walk in the way
that inner light reveals.

I make my prayers
for light filled friends.

I stride ahead
with courage and confidence.

Spirit’s steps carry me
steadily forward
with a light
that can never be extinguished.

I am at peace in the light.

Light III

I live in the light.
I walk in the light.
I grow in the light.
I instinctively gravitate
towards the light.

I am not meant
to stay in the darkness
of thought or emotion.

I am lifted
by spirit’s light within
radiance, life and renewal.

Spirit’s clarity,
truth and wholeness
shine on my path.

As I truly listen,
with more than just
the physical ear,
I hear the melody of life.

Wherever I am,
I am in the presence of spirit.

I hear the still,
small voice within.

I harken to its voice.
I am instructed aright,
with spiritual guidance.

Listening II

I let the spirit within
guide me
in the choices I make.

The focus may seem
to be outside of me,
I decide to let
my inner nature show.

I have wisdom and strength
necessary to choose
with love and harmony.

Spirit instructs me
and teaches me
the way to go.

I go in the direction
of the guidance I receive.


Love calms.

Poised and centered,
nothing disturbs
the peace of my soul.

Love transcends
the anxieties and cares
of the world.

Love sees clearly.
Love views all things
with insight and understanding.

Love inspires my thoughts,
harmonizes my feelings,
and blesses me
to trust life.

Love radiates
out from me
to bring peace
to my world.

Love II

Spirit and love are the same.

Love is the underlying motive
of all work.

I fill each day with spirit
as I love every task I do.

Each person I meet is spirit.
Love understands this clearly.

Love bonds me to all.
I see the good in all.

Love spans any rift
between family and friends,
and people I do not know.

Love ushers in each day.
Love accompanies me
wherever I go.

Climate can not keep love
from being beautiful.

Love III

My first order of business
is to express my love, kindness,
generosity and good temper.

I live under love.

I let my actions and decisions
be prompted by love.

I let my love flow
everywhere to everyone.

Love becomes the atmosphere
in which I dwell
and through which
I see and interact with others.

Love IV

Spirit is love.

I am happy and fulfilled
when kept in that love.

Wonderful people fill my life.
People I believe in
and have faith in,
people who believe in me
and have faith in me.

I have much to give them
and much to receive from them.

I express myself
as capable and successful
in all I do.

I give thanks
and bless this entire day.

Love V

Love meets change with poise.

I am poised and positive
through every life change.

I can not see
the ultimate pattern,
I must change with faith.

I lift my vision above
and adjust to outer circumstances.

I move in a forward direction,
sure, steadfast,
stable and serene.

I discontinue familiar patterns
and I undertake new ones.

Even when I think
I am moving backwards,
I meet change with poise.

Love VI

May all beings
have love for one another.

Love is unifying,
transforming and integrating.
I live to its dictates.

Love is a great need for everyone.
I open myself to love.

My actions are motivated by love.
My words are flavored with love.

The love I give
returns to me increased.

Love VII

Spirit loves me where I am,
just as I am,
always and forever.

Spirit’s love is unconditional,
available to me
whether I feel worthy or not,
in rough and smooth times,
if I but receive.

Spirit’s love can’t be earned.
Its freely given.

I resound with it
by freely accepting it.

In all times and circumstances,
spirit’s love is there.


I feel the gentle touch
of love upon me now.

I attune to the principle
out of which
creation is brought forth.

Love’s kindness
is abiding and close,
soothing and healing.

When I am sad or confused,
I give all painful memories
to spirit.

The presence of spirit enfolds me.

Love IX

I am a child of spirit.
I am abundantly blessed.

Love permeates my life.

There are no conditions
I must meet to earn
spirit’s unconditional love.

I am welcomed as
the perfect,
lovable being
I am.

Love is always available,
its peace is of non-striving.

Love X

Love is a healing power,
fundamental to life,
the treasure that all seek.

Love is the end all
and be all of life.
None feels whole without it.

Love within me goes out
to all people and things.

There is no fear in this love.

I project security
and well being to everyone
from the center of unity.

I let love
motivate every experience.

Thoughts of truth build up
a state of mind
that heals and loves.

I identify myself so closely
with the divine mind
that I become like spirit.

Spirit eliminates
negative belief.

Love XI

Love is the answer.

When facing some problem,
large or small,
however long it lasts:
love is the answer.

When I am in conflict
with another person,
I look beyond appearances.

Love helps me behold
spirit in all others.

Love is the bridge
that narrows the gap.

Love blesses me
in body, mind,
heart and soul.

Love is the most powerful
immune medicine I know.

Love provides for my every need.

Love XII

Spirit is love.

No matter how alone I feel,
no matter what mistakes I’ve made,
no matter how often I’ve failed,
spirit is love,

When I am frightened or feel guilty,
when self condemnation
is too hard to bear:
spirit is love.

Whenever trouble appears,
I say this:
“spirit is love.”


Love remembers the guidance,
strengths and insights received.

My understanding of my gains
is my growth.

I forgive myself
for past mistakes.

I let go of
my self resentments, hurts,
fears and bewilderment.

I set myself free
from unforgiving thoughts.

I am emotionally
balanced and poised.

I put love in charge
of my heart.

I am wiser and more compassionate.
I am a better person for it.

I clear away anything
that stands between
my love and other people.

Love XIV

I love spirit.
I love people.
I love life.

I follow the first commandment.
I love God
with all my hear and soul.

Love is not an abstraction.
Caring and sharing
foster peace and understanding.

Love is the law.
Love is the way.
Love is the answer.

Love is the magnet that attracts
all the good
the heart seeks.

Love XV

I love people.
I love life.
I love spirit
with all my heart.

Love is not an abstraction.
Love is caring and sharing.

Love fosters peace and understanding.

Love is the law
and the answer.

Love is the magnet
which attracts the good
my heart is seeking.

Love XVI

I walk with a perfet heart.

Love casts out fear.
Love dries up each tear.

Spirit loves me
right now.

I see myself in a new image.
I see the world in a new way.
I have new appreciation for everything.

The love of spirit
brightens all things.

I am guided to be still.
I open to spirit’s will.
Love is the fulfilling
of the law.

Love’s Expansion

I step into a wider love.

I extend my love
beyond my family circle.
I enrich countless others.

I do not love
my nearest and dearest
any less.

The truth is:
my love increases
as I share it with others.

I am blessed
by this new dimension
in my life.

Love’s Flow

I let love flow through me
every moment of every day.

Love joins all in oneness.

Love is the link
between the seeming separateness.

Love enables me
to live in harmony
with all.

I circulate
the spirit of understanding,
patience and tolerance.

By this all know
I am spirit’s disciple:
I love others.

I feel that I am loved,
even as I love.

Love’s Order

Love establishes order
and sets things right.

When at cross purposes with others
I open to love.
I feel its harmonizing power.

Love smoothes the way.
Love inspires right action.
Love restores peace,
balance and happy conditions.

Love knows that in everything
spirit works for good.

Love’s Peace

Love brings peace
to my body, mind, and emotions.

When critical and faultfinding,
when I react negatively,
when I am disturbed or upset
I remind myself:
love brings peace
to my body, mind, and emotion.

By being still,
I am calm.
I am enveloped in peace.

I bring that peace
to each situation.

I bless each person
with my peace.

Great peace is in my soul.
Nothing can make me stumble.


My mind is inspired.
My heart is consoled.
My spirit is healed.

Spirit wakens sympathy
in my heart.

Spirit’s glance
pierces and scatters
clouds of doubt and fear.

Ignorance vanishes
in spirit’s illuminating presence.

A new hope is born
through life’s puzzling ways.

Spirit guides me
with an abundance of blessing.


I am needed to do
the work of consciousness.

Not in a miraculous
or extraordinary way,
but in the commonplace.

My hands are instruments
through which to reach out
to creation.

Those around me
need my patience, humor,
faith and love,
my willingness to serve.

The appeal of consciousness
comes to me.

I am an ambassador
because I seek spirit’s presence,
the golden on within.

When I am am weak and weary,
decisions are made for me
only if I awake and respond to
spirit’s gentle guidance.


The miraculous happens
every time
I am receptive to it.

I open to
the light of understanding
and inspired ideas.

I take note of every expression,
every reminder
of love and blessing.

I renew my enthusiasm
for life and living.

I realize the miraculous
on every hand.

Mind Control

I rule my thoughts.
I rule my world.

I know that power.
I exercise it and
my life changes for the good.

I turn the key.
I start the engine.

I let the power take me
where I want.

I am given authority
over my thoughts,
to lift myself out of
any drepressive conditions.

I am in charge.

I rule my thoughts.
I rule my world.


I like money.
I love money.
I use it wisely,
constructively, judiciously.

Money flows to me
like an avalanche of abundance.

The more freely
I let it go from me with joy,
the more it returns to me multiplied.

Money is constantly
in my life.

I am always amply supplied,
regardless of conditions.

I am grateful for this
and I give thanks.


I know the truth of spirit.
There are no negative influences
in my life.

I steadfastly and persistently affirm:
negation is only an appearance.

Negation cannot stand alone,
I give it no power.

I quietly deny its power.
I believe
in spirit’s overwhelming power.

Spirit in me
is greater than
the negation in the world.

I am influenced
by spirit’s light.
I see it shining everywhere.

There is no darkness
in the light of spirit.

New Beginnings

I can begin again.

Whenever I wish
that life were different
I remind myself:
I can begin again.

The change I long for is initiated
in my thoughts about myself,
in a new vision of
what I want to achieve.

I set before myself
an open door.

I let go of the fears that
I am bound by the old ways.
I can begin again.


Today is new
and so am I.

It’s up to me
to explore
and make of it
what I will.

I eagerly and enthusiastically,
go forward to meet my good.

Spirit is everywhere
I go.

I give more of myself
than ever before.

I release troubled memory
and fearful anticipation.

I give thanks
for every new opportunity

I am assured
spirit is with me.

Newness II

I let go of the past.
I live joyously,
freely and happily today.

I keep no hurt alive.
I forgive and forget.

Fears and failures,
disappointment and regrets
are in the past.
I let them go.

Courage and success,
expectancy and self esteem
are present.
I embrace them.

Misery is gone
like dark clouds
that have passed away.

I am a new person.
I meet life
in new ways.

New Year

In this new year,
I am rich in spirit.
Money alone
is not prosperity.

I count my blessings
as real wealth:
good health, interests,
work I love,
people I love,
people who love me.

I am growing in knowledge.

I am overcoming fears and doubts.

I am living a positive life,
speaking in a positive way.

My dreams are effortlessly
making themselves real
through my effort.

My effort makes my dreams real.


My body is spirit’s vehicle
for moving soul
from point to point.

Spirit’s love goes before me
and is in my body temple.

Life’s sacred circle surrounds,
enfolds and enwraps me.

I am always in the midst
of spirit’s holy omnipresence.


My love, faith, and joy
uplift me and all humankind.

I join in the high vision
where all are one
in the spirit.

I work towards transformation:
wherever and whatever
my work may be.

I pray
for all people.

I live to be a better person,
more loving
to everyone I meet.

Oneness II

I am important and needed
where I am.

I am a unique,
individual creation
of life’s presence
and purpose.

Right now,
an abundance of good
flows through me.

Whatever I speak,
I bring to pass.

I am encouraged to express
my real identity.

I am one
with all creation.


I am filled with faith and optimism.
I believe in healing.

I have the innate capacity
to overcome fear and pessimism.

Because I expect healing to take place,
I am cheerful and courageous.

With a strong will,
I look beyond appearances,
to live a healthy and happy life.

As I believe,
so shall it be.
So it is.

Optimism II

I am positive
and optimistic about life.

I view possibilities
for good and growth
all about me.

I concentrate
on what sustains me.

I give thanks for
my talents and abilities.

I choose to be vibrant,
upbeat and vital.

I seek the good.
I accept the good.
I generate the good.


Everything, including me, is in order.

When impatient with a delay in plans,
I remind myself:
everything including me is in order.

When concerned about
the outworking of some good,
I remind myself:
everything including me is in order.

When seeking some light
or guidance about any undertaking,
I remind myself:
everything including me is in order.

Everything falls into place,
at the right time,
in the right way,
with the right people.

I place myself in the stream
of spirit’s order.

Order II

I have complete faith
in spirit’s order
at work right now.

When entangled in the past,
or racing ahead
to arrange the future,
I involve myself totally
in the present moment.

I think in the now.
I feel in the now.
I live in the now.

I bring myself
back to the now.

I place myself
in the flow
of spirit’s order.

Order III

Order is established
in my body and my affairs
by the power of
the indwelling spirit.

When I am out of attunement
with my environment,
I remind myself:
order is established.

When I am in confusion,
I remind myself:
order is established.

When I am indecisive,
I remind myself:
order is established.

When reality doesn’t meet expectation
I remind myself:
order is established.

When I think
there’s not enough time
to accomplish all I see
before me to do,
I remind myself:
order is established.

Order IV

Order is established.
Order assures perfection.
Order puts my mind at ease.

My mind is clear and decisive.
My body is filled
with strength and energy.

I have all the time
to do what I need.

There is health, wholeness,
and attunement in my affairs.

Procrastination and anxiety are gone.
My steps are smooth and flowing,
ordered by spirit.

Order V

I give thanks
for life’s order.

I see all of life
with new vision.

I am a channel
through which
blessing flow.

Order adjusts
my body and mind.

Order unfolds
and puts right,
whatever is before me to do.

Any day I call,
spirit answers me.

Order heals
any lack or limitation.


Spirit is greater
than any difficulty
I have to meet.

Spirit cares for me,
more than I realize.

I put my trust in spirit,
instead of outer conditions.

I recognize spirit’s presence
everywhere in all people.

I deny fear’s bluff.
I deny limitation as inevitable.

I pray with joy.
I pray without effort.
Spirit prays through me.

I expect answers
in spirit’s way.


I am calm,
poised and patient.

I have peace of mind
because I know
spirit is in charge.

I trust that challenges
will be met
and overcome with ease.

The right solution
to all that concerns me
is at hand now.

I expect the good desires of my heart
to manifest in perfect ways.

All things work together
for my good
and the highest good
of all concerned.

Patience II

I am poised and patient.

Free from impatience,
consciousness is peaceful.

I let go of the tension
from thinking too much
about circumstances in the outer.

Problems are understood
and worked through
by connecting to the source.

I center in spirit’s power.
I call on spirit in all things.

As I give up upset and worry,
I find peace
right within myself.

My patience comes from
deep reliance on
the indwelling presence.

Patience III

I am patient and persistent.

Patience is not resignation
to undesirable conditions.

Patience is positive inner action
that refuses to give in to
negative conditions.

I turn within to establish
this inner control.

I bring forth fruit
with patience.

Patience IV

I am patient and positive
in thought and action.

I am alert to the part I play
in bringing forth the answer
to my prayers.

Daily guidance and new directions
are revealed to me.

The next step
is just the impetus I need.

Spirit is doing its part
and I am doing mine.

Patience V

I am patient and tolerant.

The more I practice them,
the more they increase in power.

I keep myself
on an even keel,
in tune with
the flow of life.

I trust spirit is in charge.

I use what I already have.

I build an attitude
of an all-providing care,
of divine order and timing.

The trying of my patience
works my faith.

Help in demonstrating patience
is mine for the asking.

Peace I

Spirit is in the midst of me
I am at peace.

I see through negative conditions
to divine law behind them.

Spirit’s realm is peace
and that realm is within me.

I let spirit work through me.

I become quiet and relaxed.
I center my attention on spirit.

I have ongoing peace,
as let go of struggle
and affirm my oneness with spirit.

The peace of spirit
brings me faith,
assurance, and enthusiasm.

Peace II

My divine appointment is to be a harmonizer.

I see beyond appearances
to the heart of the matter.

I vibrate peace
and bring that peace
to every situation.

Wherever I go,
I bring accord,
reconciliation and understanding.

If possible,
in so far as it depends upon me,
I will be at peace with all.

Peace III

Spirit is my all.

Spirit is with me, within me,
around, above, and beneath me.
I cannot be
where spirit is not.
I know no fear.

The peace and love I feel
are positive assurances
of spirit’s presence.

In every circumstance,
every moment of the day,
in all times and places,
I am lovingly enfolded
in spirit’s peace.

I walk on my securely.
My feet do not stumble.

I have safety and sureness of direction,
on a light filled path.

Wherever I am,
the peace of spirit is.

Peace IV

The spirit leaves me in peace.

My heart is not troubled
neither am I afraid.

When I am concerned about illness,
peace fills me
with healing life.

When I am concerned about scarcity,
peace opens new avenues of resources
to supply me.

When I am concerned about
injustice and unfair treatment,
peace assures me
of the ultimate
outworking of good.

I receive the perfect gift of peace,
which the world cannot give,
through the spirit in me.

Peace V

I am centered
in the peace of spirit.

I delight in the comfort
of spirit’s presence.

I draw near spirit
in my inner quietness.

I am not easily distressed
by the changing scene
of appearances.

I am blessed
by an inner assurance
that all is well.

Peace VI

Peace harbors
no inharmony or resentment.

Peace holds
no hurt feelings
or misunderstandings.

Peace brings
acceptance and foregiveness
in human relations.

Peace and patience
smoothe over difficulty.

Peace of Mind

I am calm, poised, and patient.

I have peace of mind because
I know spirit is in charge.

The right solution
for all that concerns me
is at hand right now.

Challenges are met
and overcome with ease.

The good desires of my heart
manifest in perfect ways.

All things work together
for my good
and the good of all around me.

Peace of Mind II

I am never without help
to meet, face, and overcome
every challenge.
Knowing this gives me
peace of mind.

Fears of the moment are temporary.
They vanish as I call on my faith.
Believing this way gives me
peace of mind.

Inner light shines
and reveals to me the way.
Seeing this way gives me
peace of mind.

I pray for everyone from my heart.
Feeling this way gives me
peace of mind.

I also have peace of mind
concerning my dear ones,
for I know that
Spirit is with them.

I take whatever steps I need.
I am not alone.
Spirit is with me wherever I am.

Peace of Mind III

I have peace of mind
concerning my dear ones,
for I know
spirit is with them.

I pray for everyone.

I am not alone.
I am never without help
to meet, face, and overcome
every challenge.

Light shines on me
to reveal my way.
I take whatever steps I need.

Fears of the moment
are temporary.
They vanish
as I call on my faith.

Spirit is with me
wherever I am.


I keep on keeping on.

I work towards my cherished goals.

I renew flagging effort
with energy.

Spirit’s power is working in me,
cheering me on
every step of the way.

Success is the result
of many small efforts,
untiringly repeated,
day in, day out,
with faith
in the things I do.

I am peaceful.
I am not alone.
Spirit is with me.


All things
are working together
for my highest good and happiness.

This is true
for the lives of others too.

In everything,
spirit works
for those who love.

I hold to the truth.
I see with a greater depth.


I am centered and poised.

Nothing can disturb
the peace of my soul.

I harness runaway thoughts and emotions
in a positive and loving way.

I am impervious
to temporary passing experience.

I feel calm, self-assurance
welling up from within.
My heart is brave.

Poise is a sustaining
support and power.


I look forward
to every golden opportunity
of self achievement.

Positive thoughts fill me
with certainty and new perspective.

Every challenge
is a chance to grow,
to experience and learn
about greater good.

The words out my mouth
accomplish what I propose.


I praise the all-pervading-

Spirit raises me
from the denseness of the earth.

I worship the perfection of
love, harmony and beauty.

I willingly surrender
to the forgiver of shortcomings.

Spirit’s wisdom uses me
for the purpose it chooses.

I am guided
on the path
of spirit’s goodness.

I draw closer to spirit
every moment of my life.

May I reflect the grace,
glory and joy of being.

I praise mercy and compassion
in humanity.

I open my heart
and my soul is illumined.


I find something
to praise and appreciate
in everybody.

I find no fault in others
for what they do
or do not do.

If I look for faults,
I find them.

If I look for good,
I find that too.

I catch people
doing something right.

I replace fault finding
with understanding, forebearance,
and a spiritual vision of others.

I judge not by appearances.

I see what is in them
beyond words and actions.


I pray in faith,
believing that whatever I ask,
I receive,
if I have faith.

I infuse my prayers with faith
and the light of abundance.

Whatever the need,
spirit’s will is always
for the highest and the best.

Spirit’s power to prosper
is unlimited.

Prayer continuously imparts
health and strength,
unity and understanding
to everyone involved.

Prayer II

Answers to my prayers
come in many ways,
in many guises.

Answers come as intuitive feelings
of sudden insight.

I am open and receptive
to new challenges,
new doors and channels.

I am guided in ways
that are right and rewarding.

All my plans
are established.


The presence of spirit
is with me
at all times,
in all places.

Omnipresence assures
wherever I go,
spirit is there.

Whatever I do,
the presence of spirit
never leaves me.

when I fear
for another,
I remind myself:
the presence of spirit
is with them too.

I cannot be
where spirit is not.

Spirit is with me
now and always.

Presence II

I am one with
the divine presence.

I enter into conscious communion
with the indwelling reality,
whenever I enter my heart.

I trust and accept spirit
to sustain and restore me.

I gladly enter into
life’s newness.

Spirit is not just close to me,
or all around me,
but in me,
what I am.

Spirit is the power
greater than myself
that I rely on.

Nothing opposes spirit.

Presence III

I have faith in
my emerging spiritual self.

Worry and concern translate
into positive thought.

Spirit moves me from
I wish I could, to:
I am all that
I am capable of expressing.

I go towards
my highest good.

I affrim divine presence
around and within me.


Love prospers me.
I am centered in this peace.

My success is that
I call forth faith in love.

I look for good
and order in my affairs.

There is plenty for all
I give thanks for loving provision.

Spirit grants me a healthy body,
a calm mind, and a loving heart.

Prosperity II

Spirit is doing a good work in me.
I am prospered and enriched.

I am one with spirit
and one with spirit’s good.

I expect fulfillment and happiness,
supply to meet
every unexpected demand.

Faith brings forth
a multitude of ideas
and actions.

I recognize and appreciate prosperity.
I draw its flow
in and through me.

Prosperity III

Love prospers me.
I am successful and secure.

No matter what the need,
I call forth faith and give thanks
for lasting provision.
There is plenty for all.

I keep my mind centered
on these words.
Order comes about in my affairs.

I feel peace and prosperity.

Prosperity IV

Spirit fills me
with good of every kind.
I hold this truth in mind.

I replace any thought of lack
with thoughts of abundance.

I receive enriching ideas.
I bring forth bountifully.

I give thanks for
my many blessings.

Spirit is my source of supply.

I prosper in every area
of my life.


I am one
with the Almighty.

Spirit is my environment.

Through spirit’s protection
I am fearless.

Divine order harmonizes all.
Wherever I am, spirit is.

I make spirit my refuge.

Protection II

I recognize spirit’s presence,
protecting me.

I abide in peace,
harmony and love.

I inherit goodness
and the awareness of oneness.

I spend more time
thinking of positive possibilities.

The reality of life
is the goodness of spirit

Provision for my protection and safety
is provided for
by spirit.

As I say it:
so it is.

Protection III

Light surronds me.
Love enfolds me.
Power protects me.
Spirit watches over me.

I pray for protection
for all my dear ones.

I am strong
and of good cheer
for spirit is with me
wherever I go.