Affirmations: R thru Z

Affirmations: R thru Z

Written by Gabriel

A - F G - K L - Q R - Z


I am open and receptive to
the living of spiritual truth.

I embrace the presence of closeness
around me and within me.

When I am quiet,
I feel oneness
with the spirit of truth.

I accept the purity
of spirit’s instruction.
The way of wisdom
is open to me.

My mind is clear.
My heart is free.
I follow the path shown to me.

I exult in
a new sense of order
and rightness in my life.


I am transformed
by the renewal
of my mind.

My attitudes are formed
by my continual thinking.

I accept the good.
I align with the good.
I live the good.

My life is joyous,
successful and triumphant.

I dare to change my thinking.


I rejoice because
the spirit within me rejoices.

When the spirit within me loves,
nothing can harm me.

Situations cannot depress me.

I cease from
worrying about myself.

Negation is totally unable
to interfere with
my highest good.

I add joy and gladness
to wherever I can.
I bring thankfulness
to whomever I am with.

I see each human as
a spiritual being
with divine potential.

I use my abundance
more genreoulsy,
with a fuller understanding
of oneness.

Out of oneness proceeds
the union of all life.

All that really is
one with the spirit,
can not be separated
from it.

I receive inspiration
which governs
every thought and act
with certainty.

I know what to do
and how to do it.

Difficulties are removed
from my experiences.


I relax by being still.

I am at peace
in body,

mind and emotion.

Whenever I come apart,
I rest awhile.

I become a receptive instrument
through which spirit flows.

Healing presence and power
fill me,
negativity and disturbances dissolve.

Relaxation II

I am peaceful and calm.

I relax as I’ve never relaxed before.

I discover new potentials
within myself
for relaxation.

I relax and conquer
anxiety and restlessness.

I am certain of
my ability to do so.

The benefits of relaxation
remain with me.

Everything is becoming clearer
and more real
with each passing second.


I am a renewing,
spiritual being.

I understand the power
I have at hand,
to change my individuality
for the better.

Spirit’s presence within me
allows me to grow,
beyond and in spite of
any experiences
which seem to limit.

I am a renewing,
spiritual being.


I resolve to perform
what I ought.

I perform without fail
what I resolve.

I am not disturbed at trifles.
I keep my mind on what I want.

I am a self starter.

I will to overcome
procrastination and inertia.

I do not permit by neglect
to let my burning desire fizzle.

What I conceive,
I achieve.

Every day, in every way,
I am better and better.


I awake refreshed
and full of energy.

I feel warm all over
and glad to be alive.

I feel calm
and self assured.

I am firmly established
in positive goals
and my power and ability
to make them reality.

From this moment on,
my goal is my destiny.

All over,
and in every way,
I am at peace
with the world
and everyone in it.

I am revitalized in spirit.
This is absolute fact.


Today I make an investment in life.
Life repays me richly.

I am needed
and have a contribution
to make to life.

I am a center of peace,
joy and love.

I am a center of faith
and self confidence.

Whoever gives bountifully
receives bountifully.

I give myself to life.
Spirit loves a cheerful giver.

Richness II

Through the all-providing substance,
I am prospered and enriched.

I live a life of plenty
reflecting the will-to-good.

There are no barriers to abundance.
I am overflowing with health,
success and happiness.

I call the basis of all wealth
into manifestation.

I no longer give power
to feelings of unworthiness.
I accept unlimited good.

I am rich in spirit.

Self Image

I see myself
as spirit sees me:
healthy, happy,
holy and free.

I lift my focus
beyond appearances
to the spiritual ideal
behind humanity.

I am a child of spirit,
precious because
I am God’s handiwork.
I am blessed
by spirit’s love.

I adopt a new self image.
I feel a new stirring
of the divine within.

I can do more and be more
than I ever dreamed possible.

I value the spiritual heritage
that is mine.

I accept myself
as an image of spirit.

Self Trust

With spirit’s help,
I know I can.

I give myself permission.

I am clear and open
to the many solutions
available to me
for favorable outcomes.

I look beyond
any undesirable factor.

I realize my potential,
in any endeavor.

I overcome any limitation
I place on myself.

With spirit’s help,
I start again.


From the infinite,
spirit calls me
to the ultimate
ends of being.
Spirit loves me.

Spirit creates breath.
Spirit creates
what is heartfelt.
Spirit creates me.

I am instilled with life.
i am infilled with love.
I am infused with spirit.

Spirit is with me
in every experience,
in triumph or despair.

Whither shall I go
from spirit’s presence?

Spirit is the atmosphere
I live in.

Spirit is the changeless,
power of good in life.

Spirit’s Blessing

Spirit blesses me more now
than in the beginning.

It is never too late to change,
to begin anew,
to look at myself
in a new way,
to live my life
in a new way.

The creative spirit within me
looks forward to
and welcomes newness.

Constant opportunities
to serve life beckon.

Spirit walks besides me
in the way I have chosen.
Fear becomes impossible.

Spirit’s Energy
I am a spiritual being.
Divine energy fills
my mind and body.

I ponder the wonder of the body.
I bless every nerve,
fibre and cell.

I am filled with
the pure energy
of the life force.

Spirit is in me.
I am whole and well.

Spirit’s Good

I let spirit be in charge
of my life and my world.

I let spirit
lead and inspire me.

I am aware of and open to
the good awaiting me.

I see how much good
is available to me right now.

I open to a new awareness
of the presence and the power
within myself.
Unimportant troubles fall away.

I am given courage, strength,
and the desire
to do it all with enthusiasm.

I am willing to trust spirit.
Spirit is at work in me.

Spirit’s Goodness

I affirm spirit’s presence
and add spirit’s intelligence
to my life.

Spirit impels me to act
with a power
greater than myself.

I am convinced
that everything necessary
to the fulfillment of my life
is in operation now.

I accept every new good
that comes my way.

I have no doubt
of spirit’s goodness
nor of its action
in my life.

Spirit’s Help

Spirit is my help
in every need.

I meet life
one day at a time.

Wisdom handles
the affairs of my life,
with courage
to let the past go.

Spirit’s vision
sees the good
in all things.

Spirit never fails
or forsakes me.

The joy of earth is mine.
I am a joy of the earth.

Spirit’s Life

Spirit is my unfailing life.
Spirit’s life is my life.

I rejoice
and enjoy as a consequence:
abundant and buoyant health.

Every thought of health,
manifests health,
in my body and mind.

I am healed
by the all powerful,
ever-restoring, ever-renewing vigor
of the true source
of life and health.

Spirit heals every condition.

Spirit’s life
is the only life there is.

Spirit’s Love
Love comforts me.

When lost,
I pray for light.

Spirit is with me always,
changeless and abiding.

The love I rely on
is spirit’s love.

I see with a larger vision.

The support I really feel
comes form spirit.

A new place
of understanding and life
remains with me
and in me.

Spirit’s Presence

Spirit is the presence
in which I live.

I am nourished by spirit’s peace,
beauty and truth.

I need light in order to grow.
I avail myself of spirit.

I have a bountiful supply
as I respond to spirit’s touch.

With unfailing confidence,
I am undaunted by any challenge.

Spirit’s Presence II
With spirit,
all things are possible.

I place faith in light and love,
peace, beauty, and unbounded goodness.

The deep abiding presence of spirit
does all things
in and through me.

Spirit is there
even when I can’t see it,
hear it, or feel it.

Spirit answers when I need.

Even when I deny spirit,
spirit is there.

Even when I am alone,
spirit is there.

Even when I don’t pray
spirit is there.

Only in my mind,
can I think myself
as separate from spirit.

Spirit’s faith in me
never wavers.

Spirit is the law I live by
and the love I cling to.

Spirit’s Witness

The way shower
gives my work
right direction.

The work before me
is special.

I receive concrete instruction
on the details of my work.

However minute,
I am blessed in its doing.

My work blesses others.

My work bears witness
that spirit sends me.

Spiritual Awakening
Spirit is born
anew in me.

I am made whole
in body and mind.

Spirit is the source of life,
the dynamic center
of my being.

I am alive and aglow
with the radiant vitality
of my inner life.

I faithfully outpicture
what I hold in consciousness.

I am a perfect dwelling place
for the spirit.

Spiritual Awareness

I focus on the benefits
of spiritual awareness.

I make wise judgments
in daily life.

I use my resources effectively.
I care for my body temple.

I dare to believe
in myself and others.

I am an instrument
of harmony and love
in my relationships.

Starting Over
When in spirit,
I am a new creation.

The old has passed away.

I am no longer burdened
with regret
over past mistakes.

“Begin again”,
is what I hear,
when I listen
to the voice of the spirit.

As I let go
of the past,
the future stretches before me
with limitless opportunities.

I meet this day
rejoicing in the truth
that right now:
I am starting over.


Spirit strengthens me with love.

Spirit strengthens my will
for the day ahead.

I am steadfast in faith,
not reacting to appearances.

Spirit’s presence blesses
my actions and efforts with success.

Spirit strengthens my heart
not falter or fail.

Spirit’s love is my strength.

Strength II

I claim strength of mind,
body and character to overcome.

Spirit empowers me
with the strength
to be an overcomer.

No challenge is beyond
my capabilities.

Spirit is the power within me.
I let go of all doubt and fear.

I use my power
in loving and beneficial ways.

Strength III

I stand firm,
fearless and strong.

Scripture reminds me
I have spirit’s help,
if I have but faith.

Spirit is with all,
to help all.

Spirit reveals an answer.
Spirit shows the way.
Spirit says fear not.

My heart fills with courage.
The battle is spirit’s,
not mine.

I take my stand
with spirit.

Strength IV

Spirit gives me strength today.
Spirit helps me today.

Within me is a strong, loving spirit,
created in the likeness
of the all sustaining power.

Spirit helps me
to give it experience.

I am mentally alert,
released from self doubt.

I am self-confident,
receptive to my own good.

I know that spirit is with me
every step of the way.

I am emotionally steady.
Moodiness vanishes.

I am grateful
I can count on spirit.

I affirm my health
with faith and assurance.

I affirm my wealth
with expectation and exuberance.

I affirm my life
with love and rejoicing.

I know my perfect oneness
with spirit’s strength.

Strength V

I am strong in spirit.
I have unassailable strength.

I deny a place
to whatever is detrimental.

I accept
what is best for me.

I decide.
I change.
I follow through.
I do the difficult.

Spirit gives me
the strength I need.


I succeed because
I love small achievements.

All I need to comply with
the law of attraction
is a starting point.

I focus on skills
I already enjoy and possess,
skills which bring me
satisfaction and fulfillment.

As I love what I am doing,
all my jobs are well done.

Knowledge of spirit
is the base on which
to build success.

Success II

Spirit directs my ways
to success and prosperity.

Spirit urges me
to be more, do more,
and give more.

Spirit is my counselor within,
steady, regardless of
fluctuating circumstances.

Spirit always works
in my best interest
and for my highest good.

Spirit leads me unerringly.

Spirit’s ways and means
of attaining increased supply
are made clear.

I am free from anxiety
about my continued weel-being.

Success III

I am what I think
all day long.

I am happy.

I constantly bring forth
what is best
inside of me.

Whenever my attention wanders away
from that which is
good and constructive,
I bring it back
to the contemplation of that
which is lovely
and of good report.

I am a spiritual and
mental magnet
attracting to myself
all things which
bless and prosper me.

I am a wonderful success
in all my undertakings.


I let go
and spirit supports me.

I let spirit
buoy me up.

Spirit is my strength and stability
in every need.
I am one
with spirit’s light,
wonder and peace.

I let go of
painful memories.

I turn my back
on what’s past.

I rest
in the all-encompassing
love of God.

I take each step
as it comes.

I do
whatever needs to be done,
right now.

I give myself
over to spirit.

I meet each day
with serenity and poise.


I am blessed with rich ideas
for successful living.

I focus on
and give thanks for
the spirit’s presence
in my life.

I praise the supply of abundance
and the awareness of
prosperity at hand.

I draw forth
that which is
for my highest good.

Thankfulness II

I thank the source
of all good,
whose will for me
is unending good.

I lift my spirit in praise
for the beauty
and bounty before me.

No matter what the outer condition,
I am grateful for inner peace.

My joy is knowing:
I am cared for
by the greatest power of all.

I let go of unhappiness
and dissatisfaction.

I am free.
I am full of life and love.


I give thanks for life.

I see all of life
with a new vision.

I am a channel
through which
blessings flow.

Order adjusts
my body and mind.

Order unfolds
and puts right
whatever is before me to do.

I hear this and feel this,
and so it is.


I am in charge of my thoughts.
I keep them positive.

My thoughts are messages,
uplifiting and confident
notes to myself.

Unlimited good flows
to me and through me
from many channels
to bless all others.

Clear thinking fills me
with patience and peace,
trust and enthusiasm.

Healthy emotions and attitudes
motivate me
to follow the right course.

The face I look at,
is the face in charge
of my happiness today.


I arise triumphant
over every challenge,
for spirit is with me.

Love, life, and power
fill my body and mind
with health.

I depend upon
the power of spirit
to see me through.

I triumph over difficulty
because I am not ever alone,
spirit is with me.

Spirit gives me
a new heart.


Love is trust.
I trust in spirit.

I believe in the outworking
of good in my life.

When answers are slow in coming,
I trust God, I trust people.

I do not look for ulterior motives.
No one is taking advantage of me.

I am not suspicious of others.
I put all in the presence of spirit.

I do not judge by appearances
in the lives of those
for whom I pray.

Love is trust.
I trust in spirit.

Trust II

My trust is in spirit.
I am calm and unruffled.

I am not anxious or worried
about anyone or anything.

I turn aside negative thoughts
when they try to take over.

I firmly declare:
spirit is in charge.

I trust in spirit’s power.

I trust spirit to guide
my dear ones right.

I see my loved ones
in a new light.

Peace is found,
in the presence of spirit.

Trust reinforces faith.
Trust restores the ability
to meet life fearlessly.

Spirit lifts me to trust.

Trust III

I trust spirit.
I am kept
in perfect peace.

My undisturbed mind
develops prayers
of love and faith.

The fruit of
the constant practice
of the presence,
is the spirit
of absolute good.

Spirit provides
for my every need.

I transform concern
into calm, quiet expectancy
which knows:
all is well.

Trust IV

I am patient and trusting.

Spirit brings
everything to completion.

I see the underlying
law of good
behind appearances.

When fearful or anxious,
I affirm: spirit is at work.

My thoughts are constructive.
My emotions are balanced.
My timing is right.

Spirit perfects results.

Trust V

I have complete faith
in my inner spirit.

I let go of
concerns for the future.
Regrets of the past
are swept away.

I do not need to know
the details
of every situation
ahead of time.

I trust
and I am triumphantly guided
to the perfect outworking
of my life.

Trust VI

I am one with the divine presence.

Through my heart,
I enter into conscious communion
with the indwelling reality
of spirit.

Spirit sustains and restores me
and I accept that.
I gladly enter into
life’s newness.

Spirit is not just close to me,
or all about me,
spirit is the power
greater than myself
on which I rely.


The spirit of truth responds
to my every effort
to express more good
in my life.

The moment I make an effort
to improve my life
in any way,
the spirit of truth overflows
with health, strength, and vitality.

The spirit of truth blesses me
with prosperity, security, abundance,
and rich ideas,
that cause me to see
new ways to give of myself.

The spirit of truth improves relationships
as love flows forth
as kind words and helpful actions.

The spirit of truth attracts
the friendship and companionship
I envision.

My effort finds its undergirding
in the spirit of truth.


The understanding heart
sees spirit in all.

All want to be understood.

All are blessed
with this capacity
to understand another.

I offer an understanding heart
and I am understood.

I bring warmth and rapport
to each person I meet.
I need not a reason.

I accept people as they are.
I accept each’s individuality.

I give thanks
for a wise
and discerning heart.


I am filled with
wisdom and good judgment.

I speak constructive,
uplifting thoughts.

I am free from
the thought of self limitation-
being less than I can be.

I desire truth
in my inward most heart.

I act in the way
that spirit’s light guides.

The way shower
gives me
right direction.

Whatever work is before me
is special.

However minute the detail,
I receive concrete instruction.

I am blessed
by the doing
of my works.

My works bear witness
that spirit sent me.


The sub-conscious
takes me
at my word.

Repeatedly saying, “I can’t”,
sub-conscious sees to it
that I am not
in a position
to do it.

I mentally accept,
“that is mine”,
my sub-conscious
sees to it
that I receive it.

I fill myself
with the thought
of expectancy.

I release the whole thing
to the deeper mind,
which has the know how
of accomplishment.

Inner mind works for me,
24 hours a day,
and pours the fruit
of my habitual thinking
into my lap.


I bless the work of my hands.

The right place in me
with respect to work
is not strife and toil,
but the expression of
my own true nature.

I seek what interests
and challenges me.
I develop knowledge and skill
along those lines.

I am led to the work
where I express myself
most happily.

I give my best efforts
to the work
in front of me.

My work is love made visible.


My self worth
is far greater
than I imagine.

I act as if
what I do
makes a difference.

I perform better,
at whatever
I choose to do.

I let all be done
for spirit.

I lovingly offer
my all to spirit.

Spirit is my supreme joy.

Spirit is my guide.
In spirit,
I find my rest.