October, 2014 – Yoga Lounge in Woodstock, IL

Track 1 of 2 (48:13)
Gabriel evolves the concept of Aging into “Sage-ing”. He walks through the core process of individuation through long-term study and devotional practice to reclaiming the rich legacy of experience, and stepping into full authenticity as an Elder. He emphasizes making spirituality the default mode of existence. Gabriel presents his spin on how to use John Bradshaw’s 4 keys: 1) behavior modification; 2) original pain work; 3) cognitive corrective work; and 4) the inner life.

Gabriel explains why people tend to be afraid of sex. He also describes the rainbow metaphor of bringing your life experience back to the same teaching to see it in different hues through fresh eyes. Elders who turn Aging into Sage-ing inspire younger generations by offering their harvest of unique life experience to serve the greater community.

Track 2 of 2 (39:00)
Gabriel expounds on the Hero’s Journey and shares milestones for the yoga student on the “journey of a thousand miles”:

• Ananda
• Upaya
• Bindu to Ojas
• Jnana Yoga
• Samkyha
• Ekagrata
• Diksha
• Sandhana
• Marga