May 2015 - 2B Well in Springfield, MO

Track 1 of 3 (35:03)
Gabriel illuminates guideposts on the path of radical change through Yoga. Upaya or skillful means and a healthy skepticism paired with the one-pointed Ekagrata of focused effort are but a few of the perspectives and practices that Gabriel recommends to catalyze your own unique Transformation.

Track 2 of 3 (10:58)
A brief talk on how practicing vulnerability can help us develop the discipline necessary to banish common soft addictions from the inside out and not back off from feeling deeply, even though “awareness hurts.”

Track 3 of 3 (1:10:57)
A treasure offering from the depth and breadth of his knowledge, Gabriel walks us through the traditional Indian systems that co-evolved with yoga and comprise its foundations. He breaks down this comprehensive terrain into understandable segments of a unified whole. Starting with the evolutionary significance of the Vedic and Upanishadic epochs, he goes on to sketch in colorful detail the historical system of the 4 Varnas or societal classes, the 4 Purusharthas or aims of life, and the 4 Ashramas or stages of life. Gabriel uses this cultural background to bring into focus the Hindu philosophy of yoga: from the 5 Vrttis or modifications of the mind and the 5 Kleshas or defilements of mind to the 5 Yamas and 5 Niyamas of basic yoga ethics. He concludes with 2 gripping stories to metaphorically illustrate the intensive dharma teachings of this 3-day workshop. *This extended recording includes over 1 hour of clear audio plus a total of less than 5 minutes of muffled audio at various points.