Sacred Waters

Track 1 of 2 (27:11)
The original intent of yoga was not as an alternative fitness discipline, but to provide a grand toolbox to understanding the experience of consciousness. Relax out of the essential tension of living your story toward the meditative consciousness beyond thought. Align with the natural law of karma, or cause and effect. Learn to build from below and swoop from above on the wings of the yoga bird: Abyasa, long, uninterrupted practice, and Vairagya or detachment.

Track 2 of 2 (29:07)
We are all living by faith in terms of what we take for granted in life. But how can we discover reality and truth? Ramakrishna’s example motivates us to set aside others’ knowledge and seek answers through our own vital experience. Taking the spiritual discipline practiced on the mat and infusing it throughout our daily activities and relationships, we can lean into reality and truth.