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Rather than withdrawing from the world in meditative isolation, the yogic path encompasses the psychology of extraversion: living fully in the world yet without getting caught in its illusory nature (maya). But the lifestyle of extraversion necessitates honing in on sacred space for regeneration. Gabriel contrasts the tradition of ceremony with the transformational power of ritual, which alters one’s ontological status, shedding new light on the question, “Who are You?”

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Mentoring young people in our post-modern society fosters life-enhancing growth. Ritual initiation facilitates this process. Yoga class involves peak experiences and promotes the ascending path of Spirit. But the descending path is equally important. Our negative emotions can guide us so we can express reactions appropriate to life’s situations. Feeling is primary; thinking is secondary. Gabriel teaches us to recognize our emotions as divine influxes and how to seek auspicious circumstances for the soul’s mission.